Article recommendations week #46 2022

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #46 2022.

Strength Training Articles

The Bar Bend shared Compound Exercises Explained: How To Make Big Gains With Big Lifts, discussing what compound exercises are, the difference between compound vs. isolation exercises, benefits, and the best exercises.

Nutrition Articles

Broscience asked What Does Creatine Do To Your Body? Some common questions answered.

Bodybuilding compared Bulking VS. Cutting: Get Familiar with the Basics, the main differences explained.

T-Nation explained why Eating Loads of Protein Won’t Make You Fat, a common myth busted.

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Olympic Lifting Articles

The Bar Bend listed 8 Quick Tips To Help You Nail Your First Weightlifting Workout, simple and straightforward advice.

Squat Articles

Bonvec Strength outlined How to Build Your Squat without Squatting, a bit counter-intuitive, but worth a read.

Deadlift Articles

Breaking Muscle explained How to Do the Dumbbell Deadlift for Size and Strength, the technical execution, common mistakes and how to fix them, alternatives and variations, and programming considerations.