Article recommendations week #45 2019

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #45 2019.

Strength Training Articles

Box Rox explained How to Build Muscle: The 6 Day Split Program, what is muscular hypertrophy, why you should consider split programming, and an example program for a 6 day split.

Men’s Health listed 5 Overrated Gym Exercises — And the Moves You Should Do Instead, not sure whether I fully agree, but I do like the thought process.

Jeff Nippard outlined How To Build Huge Forearms, the anatomy of the forearm, the main muscle groups of the forearms, and the most effective exercises. Check it out

T-Nation shared

  • a Tip: You Need Inflammation to Grow, what inflammation is, why a healthy amount of inflammation actually is a stimulus for a hypertrophic response, and how to manage inflammation.
  • a Tip: Ramp Up the Rollout, how to increase the difficulty of the roll-out. Check out the additional demonstration

Fitness Volt outlined How To Build Your Best Back Ever With Pendlay Rows, what Pendlay Rows are, how to execute them correctly, and different Pendlay Row variations.

Elite FTS released

  • The Method Behind Brian Alsruhe’s Training, I am always interested in the thought process behind training programs, this one is one of the examples. Check it out
  • Why You Don’t Need Speed Work, discussing the pro’s and con’s of speed work, and what you can do instead. Check it out

Stronger By Science discussed Rest Periods, Deadlifts, Bulking, and Hypertrophy for Powerlifters,

Stack listed 4 Hacks to Make Your Muscle-Building Workouts More Effective, whilst the selection of techniques is good, it would be good to see, how to systematically apply these techniques.

8 Weeks Out released The Coptercast with John Berardi, a talk how John Berardi got started with Precise Nutrition, the philosophy behind Precise Nutrition, John Berardi’s latest book, and much more. Check it out, the view will make up for the sub-optimal sound

The Bar Bend shared the benefits of tempo work in the article How Tempo Work Helped Me Push Through a Plateau.

Dr. John Rusin described The Original Heart Rate Training System For Performance And Recovery, a detailled outline of different HR (heart rate) tracking methods and how to apply it to your needs.

Squat University demonstrated the correct execution of  The Worlds Greatest Stretch. Check it out

Live Strong discussed Why Bulgarian Split Squats Are Better for Your Butt Than Lunges, the subtle differences between the 2 exercises.

The Bar Bend discussed Theragun G3 Review, is it worth the price? The theragun is a very popular in recent times, whether it works or not still stands out, however, this video does a good job at demonstrating the best uses and what you can do with it. Check it out asked What Does Strength Mean in Yoga? A good outline of the challenges of yoga, how to measure progress, and their definition of strength. Check it out

Juggernaut Training Systems released Strength & Basketball with Ryan Horn, an interview with Basketball Strength & Conditioning Coach Ryan Horn, about the challenges of training basketball players, and potential solutions. Check it out

Renaissance Periodization outlined the concepts of periodization in the lecture Applied Periodization, a really good and practically applied lecture. Check it out

Youth Strength Training Articles

Stack listed 5 Ways Young Athletes Can Reduce Stress and Anxiety, actionable advice for young athletes.

Nutrition Articles

Picture Fit asked Can Too Much Protein Make You FAT? Looking at the science on this question, and what could be potential reasons for weight gain. Check it out

The Athletic Build shared The Keto Diet: A Beginners Guide, a detailled guide on what is the keto diet and ketosis, the benefits of the keto diet, best food choices and which foods to avoid, disadvantages of the keto diet, and how to get started.

Starting Strength Protein, Muscle Protein Synthesis, and Strength Training with Robert Santana, what protein is, different forms of protein, the role of amino acids, nutrition and supplementation, the effect of different types of training on the muscle protein synthesis. Check it out

Olympic Lifting Articles

Catalystathletics discussed

  • how to Land on Flat Feet in the Snatch & Clean, why you need to land on flat feet, common mistakes and exercises to correct these technical flaws. Check it out
  • a simple exercise to improve the Clean Rack Position, the Clean Rack position seems to be difficult for many people, this is a simple drill you can do by yourself. Check it out
  • Competition Week Training, a bit Olympic Weightlifting specific, however, I always find it interesting to see, what other sports are doing, and why. Check it out

Shrugged Collective demonstrated an exercise combination to improve the bottom position of the Snatch. Check it out

Squat Articles

Stack discussed Why You Should Train Knees Over Toes, the ever-present discussion of should the knees go past the toes or not, and why the knees should go past the toes, and exercises to train a correct knee tracking.

Elite FTS explained why you should Alternate Your Heavy Squats with Belt Squats.

Deadlift Articles

Alan Thrall outlined The Trap Bar Deadlift, the mechanics of the Trap Bar Deadlift, the technical execution, different variations of the Deadlift, and how to use the Trap Bar Deadlift to improve your regular Deadlift, as well as improving your Squat, programming considerations and rep and set schemes. Check it out

Stack listed 3 RDL Mistakes Hurting Your Back, common errors with the bar path, not hinging properly and a back-breaking lock-out.

Shrugged Collective listed 5 Open Deadlift Bar Variations for Strong Legs and Explosive Power, the versatile options of the open Deadlift bar, and some exercise variations. Check it out

Highlights of the week

At the second Track Cycling World Cup of the season 2019/2020 Nils van’t Hoenderdaal, Harrie Lavreysen, Jeffrey Hoogland and Sam Ligtlee won the team sprint, congrats guys!

In the individual Sprint Harrie Lavreysen took the gold medal and Jeffrey Hoogland won the silver medal, congrats Harrie and Jeffrey!