Article recommendations week #44 2019

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #44 2019.

Strength Training Articles

Broscience listed 5 Extreme Fat Loss Hacks (get shredded abs fast), tips and lifestyle changes to reduce body fat.

Jeff Nippard shared How To Build Muscle And Lose Fat At The Same Time: Step By Step Explained, the science of weight loss and muscle gain, training considerations, nutritional interventions, recommended supplements, and lifestyle considerations to lose fat and build muscle mass. Check it out

Women’s Health discussed What Is Hypertrophy? A Trainer Explains The Science Behind Building Muscles, a good outline what hypertrophy is, what it causes and how to train for it.

Stack explained

Shredded Sports Science outlined This Is Why Fitness Is Screwed, in a typical Shredded Sports Science way of exposing questionable advice. Check it out

The Bar Bend listed

Breaking Muscle outlined the importance of training in the gym, regardless of sporting activity in the article Workout Inside To Improve Performance Outside.

Calisthenicmovement demonstrated 3 Exercises to Master Calisthenics, exercises to master, as they form the basis for more advanced bodyweight exercises. Check it out

Athletics Weekly gave an insight into Sebastian Coe’s training in the article Seb Coe on the training that led to his 1979 world record spree, 4 decades ago, and some principles still hold true.

Juggernaut Training Systems shared

  • Periodization for BJJ Strength Training, how to sequence energy system training for BJJ, how to combine the energy system training with the strength training, and how to plan and execute the different training phases. Check it out
  • Velocity Based Training with Dr. Bryan Mann, what VBT (velocity based training is, how to use it for team sport and individual sports, and special VBT considerations. Check it out

Fitness FAQ explained How to Fix Bad Posture, the reasons for a bad posture, understanding the anatomy of the spine, and a series of exercises to improve your posture. Check it out

Power Athlete HQ shared Nate Brookreson Calls Out Coaching Bullshit, and interesting chat about lessons learned. Listen in

Robertson Training Systems discussed

  • The Myth Of In-Season Maintenance, what maintenance means and why there needs to be more purpose to the training than just maintenance.
  • How to Set-up the Landmine Press Effectively, a simple trick to find the right start position. Check it out

Youth Strength Training Articles

Stack asked Did Early Specialization Break Zion Williamson? An interesting discussion about the early specilisation and its possible effects on an NBA player.

Nutrition Articles

Tony Gentilcore explained Why You Can’t Outtrain A Poor Diet: A Simple Explanation, you have probably heard it many times, this article s explains why.

Renaissance Periodization shared Advanced Nutrient Timing For Special Situations, how do you time for certain situations, such as morning training or evening training, long periods where you can’t eat, and how to make sure you are adaptable and flexible. Check it out

Picture Fit discussed Soy vs Rice vs Pea | What is the Best Vegan Protein Powder? Explaining the importance of biological value and amino acid profile, comparing the most popular vegan protein powders, and which one might be the best. Check it out

T-Nation explained

Olympic Lifting Articles

Catalystathletics discussed

  • Drills for a Better Muscle Snatch, the application of the Muscle Snatch, how to correctly execute it, and exercise progressions for the Muscle Snatch. Check it out
  • Shoulder Mobility for the Snatch & Jerk, a simple exercise to improve mobility, and when you need to do it. Check it out
  • Prilepin’s Table for Olympic Weightlifting, the origination of the Prilepin’s table, the shortcomings of the chart, and how you can use it, and not use it. Check it out

Aleksey Torokhtiy shared

  • Anton Pliesnoi Interview, an interesting interview with Olympic Weightlifter Anton Pliesnoi.
  • How to lift / Episode #5: Power Snatch & Back Squat, program design based around the Power Snatch and Back Squat, specific warm-up exercises, and Aleksey sharing his opinion and expertise on topics like weight selection and correcting technical flaws. Check it out

Fitness Volt explained How To Do Power Cleans – Proper Form, Benefits And Variations, the technical execution, the benefits of Power Cleans, and variations of this exercise.

Squat Articles

Fitness Volt released Best Squat Secrets Every Athlete Should Use to Improve Lifts, how to master the basic squat pattern, and appropriate exercises to learn the squat pattern.

Starting Strength answered Where to Put the Bar for the Squat, the Starting Strength way of placing the bar on your back, and holding the bar. Check it out

Deadlift Articles

Elite FTS discussed Romanian Deadlift Variations for Stronger Hamstrings, different Romanian Deadlift Variations using bands, varied stances, and different types of barbells.

Men’s Health explained How to Use Sumo Stance to Switch Up Your Lifts, why you should consider using the sumo stance at times, and how to do it.

Highlights of the week

The first Track Cycling World Cup of the Olympic season has started in Minsk. On the first day, Nils van’t Hoenderdaal, Harrie Lavreysen, Jeffrey Hoogland and Sam Ligtlee made it to the top of the podium. Congrats guys!

On the second day Harrie Lavreysen captured the gold medal in the Keirin event, congrats Harrie!

And on the third day, Harrie Lavreysen claimed the gold medal in the sprint, Jeffrey Hoogland took silver, and Matthijs Büchli took the bronze medal.