Article recommendations week #43 2019

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #43 2019.

Strength Training Articles

Stack explained Why Not Wanting to ‘Get Bulky’ Is a Dumb Reason to Avoid Weight Training, busting the myths, that strength training makes you bulky. I have outlined the different forms of strength training, and demonstrated, that not all of these forms have a hypertrophic effect, hence make you bulky. Check out the table

strength training methods and hypertrophy different strength training methods and muscular hypertrophy

The image compares different strength training methods and muscular hypertrophy

T-Nation shared The New 5×5, what 5 * 5 is, the shortcomings of the 5 * 5, and an alternative solution.

Shredded Sports Science asked Has Functional Fitness Failed You? No comment needed, just an intersting entertaining video about functional, and what it means. Check it out

Fitness Volt outlined The History of Bodybuilding’s Forgotten Mass Builders, an interesting read.

The Bar Bend demonstrated the Beginner Pull Up Program and Guide, 4-Weeks to Your First Rep! A short program outline (exercises, reps, sets, weekly structure, workout outline) to get to your first Pull-Up in 4 weeks. Check it out

Elite FTS asked

YLM Sports Science took a deeper look at Contemporary Periodization Of Altitude Training For Elite Endurance Athletes. Check out the infographic

Breaking Muscle asked We Aren’t One-Dimensional; Why Train That Way? Why we should train for a multitude of goals.

The Bar Bend compared Best Ice Wraps, an in-depth comparison for best value, best price, comfort and variety.

Jeff Nippard shared the benefits of the 45 degree Back Extension to target The Traps, Triceps, Lats, Glutes. Check it out

Tony Gentilcore discussed The Overlooked Stuff That Shouldn’t Be Overlooked That Almost Always Helps People Get Results, important considerations, that go past sets and reps.

Robertson Training Systems explained How to do Glute-Ham Raise, how to activate the hamstring, and maintain trunk control. Check it out

Live Strong discussed the 1 RM, what it is, how to find it, and potential risks in the article This One Number Can Tell You How Strong You Are.

Juggernaut Training Systems answered questions on Lasha Talakhadze’s strongmen potential, current state of shot putting, off-season training for powerlifters and weightlifters, how to find a good coach. Check it out

Youth Strength Training Articles

Power Athlete HQ outlined The Parental Checklist For Finding The Right Coach, what do look for, and what to be aware of.

Nutrition Articles

Fitness & Power listed 6 Essential Supplements You Need After The Age of 40, what they are and why you need them.

Picture Fit asked Is Dirty Bulking Worth It? What dirty bulking is, the benefits of dirty bulky, the obvious negatives, and what the science says about dirty bulking. Check it out

The PTDC explained How to Become an Online Nutrition Coach, a straightforward 4 step outline.

Breaking Muscle released Keystone Habits Of A Lean Physique, how to get a lean physique, how to maintain a lean physique and body fat percentage benchmarks for cutting and bulking. Listen in

Elite FTS shared Fat Loss Advice That Is Complete Bullshit, discussing misconceptions around macro-nutrients and training for fat loss.

Team USA outlined nutritional considerations for aging athletes in the article Nutrition for the Aging Athlete, shared The Ultimate Green Smoothie Quick Recipes, a quick and nutritious smothie explained in a minute. Check it out

Men’s Health described How to Calculate Macros for the High-Fat Keto Diet, the distribution of macro-nutrients in the keto diet and the calculation based on bodyweight and training goal.

Power Training Articles

Stack asked What are Jump Squats, And Why Should I Do Them? What Jump Squats are (as the title suggests), different Jump Squat variations, how to execute them, and how to put them into your training program.

Olympic Lifting Articles

Coach Mag explained How To Do The Dumbbell Snatch, a quick rundown of the correct technical execution of this variation of the Snatch.

Catalystathletics discussed

  • Prilepin’s Table for Olympic Weightlifting, what the Prilepin chart is, where it originates from and the limited use for Olympic Weightlifting.
  • How to Strengthen a Weak Split for the Jerk, the exercise of choice to strengthen this position, the technical key points of this exercise and training variables (reps & sets). Check it out

Aleksey Torokhtiy shared Episode #4: Front Squat + Split Jerk, more impressions of his weightlifting training camp, how to find the Split Jerk position, training exercises to improve the squat, and jumping variations to improve your lifts. Check it out

Squat Articles

Men’s Health outlined a logical and straightforward squat progression in the article This Smart Squat Progression Will Help Fix Your Form.

Catalystathletics discussed Squat Speed for Olympic Weightlifting, the tempo of the squat, not only applicable for olympic weightlifters. Check it out

Stack explained Why Most People ‘Shake Like a Leaf’ When Using Proper Front Squat Form, the challenges of the Front Squat, and how to fix it.

Elite FTS asked Are Hex Bars, High Squats & Box Squats Evil Or Not? Discussions on squat variations, squat depth, the unique challenges of working with high school athletes, and the sport-specificity of squatting. Check it out

Deadlift Articles

The Bar Bend  explained