Article recommendations week #42 2019

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #42 2019.

Strength Training Articles

Jeff Nippard explained how creating momentum can sometimes help your gainz in the video Cheat To Grow: Build a Thicker Back (Stop Doing Rows The “Right” Way!). Check it out

If you can find some old footage from the legendary bodybuilders, an example would be Dorian Yates, you can see this use of momentum in the rowing movements.

Renaissance Periodization discussed Motivation, what is motivation, why tehy are motivated, and ways to get motivated. Check it out

Elite FTS shared

Swim Swam outlined Proper Kicking (Faster Swimming For Strength Athletes), how to effectively execute the kick, and drills to train it. Check out the additional explainer video

Fitness Volt listed 11 Crucial Exercises Every CrossFit Beginner Must Learn How To Do Effectively, from squats, over deadlifts, olympic lift variations, the correct execution explained.

Fitness FAQ demonstrated The Secret Push Up Variation (Everyone Needs), a variation of the loaded push-up, and how to perform it correctly. Check it out

The Bar Bend listed 3 Mistakes to Avoid with the Close-Grip Bench Press Guide, very common mistakes from grip width, to contact point, and and the set-up. Check it out

Stronger By Science discussed Red Meat, Deloads, and Pain with Dr. Michael Ray Listen in

Robertson Training Systems explained The Split-Stance Low-Cable Row, why to chose this row variation, how to execute and  progress it. Check it out

Calisthenicmovement outlined The 100 Push Up Workout Everyone Can Do! Not sure whether you absolutely need to do 100 push-up, however, I do like the progressios and regressions presented, as well as the simple and straightforward advice on rest periods, and program design. Check it out

T-Nation shared

Brute Strength discussed the role of Sleep for Performance on recovery and training adaptation, the negative consequences of sleep deprivation,, how to monitor and assess sleep quality and quantity, the optimal sleep hours, and tricks to improve your sleep. Check it out

Stack explained the importance of the posterior chain, and how to effectively train it in the article You’re Probably Neglecting Your Posterior Chain. Here’s How to Train It.

Nutrition Articles

T-Nation outlined the most used pre-workout supplements, what they do and how to use them in the article Your Guide to Pre-Workout Supplements.

Picture Fit compared Whey Protein Concentrate vs Isolate, Which Whey is Better? The why and when of protein supplementation, the differences between whey concentrate and whey isolate, and which one makes most sense, based on the available research. Check it out

Brute Strength answered all questions about Keto Dr. Anthony Gustin, whilst this interview goes into detail on the keto diet, the interview goes further than that and also discusses training and lifestyle, and how it all fits together. Check it out

Speed Training Articles

Pro Sport Extra provided a simple workout strategy for american football players to improve speed in the article O-lifts and Squats: Strength Training for Speed Enhancement in Football.

Olympic Lifting Articles

Catalystathletics asked

  • Should You Alternate Legs in the Split Jerk? Why Olympic Lifters should not switch legs in the Split Jerk. Check it out

However, if you use the Split Jerk, or even Split Snatches or Split Cleans for the physical preparation of athletes, I can think of a few arguments, why you should switch legs in training.

  • Deadlifts for Olympic Weightlifting? Do Deadlift add value for Olympic Weightlifters, which variation to chose, and what not to do. Check it out

Zack Telander shared My Favorite accessory for the Clean, how a simplified Clean version, can help your Clean. Check it out

Weightlifting.archive released Lasha Talakhadze – All Time Total World Record 484 kg – 2019 IWF WC, if you like the sport of Olympic Weightlifting, as I do, you will enjoy this compilation of one of the most impressive contemporary weightlifter. Check it out

Aleksey Torokhtiy shared Episode #3: The first PR session in Snatch, more impressions of his weightlifting training camp, program design, PR attempts, and coaching cues. Check it out

Squat Articles

Breaking Muscle asked Do You Really Need To Squat Below Parallel? Discussing the most common limitations for not achieving full squat depth, and how to solve it, as well as appropriate squatting variations you can try.

The Bar Bend discussed Do You Really Need to Squat for Big Legs? The pros and cons of squatting, and how to decide whether you should chose the squat or its variation, or not.

Starting Strength discussed Training Barrier Construction, what it is, and how it unfolds in the training practice, the example used of squatting. Check it out

Deadlift Articles

Stack released This Little-Known Deadlift Variation Will Light Your Glutes and Hamstrings on Fire, how to use added bands to your Deadlifts.

Highlights of the week

We saw some outstanding performances at the Eurpoean Championship Track Cycling 2019.

The men won the team sprint, congrats Roy van den Berg, Harrie Lavreysen, Jeffrey Hoogland and Matthijs Buechli!

The women came 3rd in the team sprint, congrats Steffie van der Peet, Kyra Lamberink, and Shanne Braspennincx!

Harrie Lavreysen and Jeffrey Hogland made it to the sprint final, the same constellation as in the World Championships final earlier this year, however, this time Jeffre had the upper hand. Congrats Jeffrey and Harrie!

In the men’s Keirin event, Harrie Lavreysen grabbed the title and Matthijs Buechli finished 3rd, congrats Harrie and Matthijs!