Article recommendations week #42 2022

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #42 2022.

Strength Training Articles

The Strength Sensei discussed how to Manage Multiple Training Sessions, based on the idea of having multiple short training sessions within a day.

Breaking Muscle shared

  • The 12 Best Biceps Exercises For Arm Size, the best exercises, and how to do them.
  • How To Do The Hip Thrust — Variations, Benefits, And Common Mistakes, how to do the Hip Thrust, common mistakes, how to progress, the benefits, and how to program it.

The Bar Bend listed The 9 Best Air Bike Workouts For Every Experience Level, the different workouts explained.

Power Athlete discussed a Muscle Building BFR Biohack, how to use BFR (blood flow restriction) for maximum results. Check it out

Elite FTS listed 10 Exercises Powerlifters Should Be Doing (But Aren’t) to Stay Pain-Free, the different exercises, and how to implement them into your training.

Stack outlined

Athlean X presented a short and effective workout for your calves in the article 6 Minute Calf Workout.

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Nutrition Articles

Stack discussed The Benefits of Carbohydrates for Athletes – Part 1, how carbohydrates can help athletic performance.

T-Nation explained why Coffee: Just as Healthy as Vegetables, the different benefits of coffee outlined.

Olympic Lifting Articles

Tony Gentilcore discussed Why College Athletes Should Not Include Olympic Lifting In Their Programs, the potential drawbacks of Olympic Lifts, and what to do instead.

Squat Articles

T-Nation discussed the benefits of the Hip Belt Squat: Builds Legs, Saves Spines, describing 7 different applications. Check out the additional explainer video