Article recommendations week #41 2019

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #41 2019.

Strength Training Articles

Bach Performance outlined Simple Advice To Guys Who Want to Build Muscle, the importance of training, recovery, fuel, and consistency.

Shredded Sports Science discussed

  • Slow vs Fast Reps For Muscle Growth? What the science says about tempo, time under tension, and how slow or fast should you train to optimize muscle growth. Check it out
  • How Many Workouts a Week to Build Muscle? Looking at the research on training frequency for optimizing muscular growth. Check it out listed 5 Keys to Building an Olympia-Caliber Physique, not only applicable to bodybuilding.

Robertson Training Systems demonstrated The Athletic Dumbbell Row, the difference and benefits of this DB Row variation, and how to properly execute it. Check it out

Life Hacker listed The Only Five Exercises You Need At The Gym, a selection of the most important compound movements, and how to put them into a training plan.

The Bar Bend outlined the Renegade Row Guide | Form Tips, Muscles Worked, and Variations, how to execute the Renegade Row, the benefits, and different Renegade Row variations. Check it out

T-Nation shared 6 Hard Truths About Building Muscle, busting some common misconceptions and straightforward advice.

Jeff Nippard busted common myths and outlined 5 Training Mistakes Everyone Makes When They Start Lifting, discussing rep ranges for hypertrophy, split routines, muscle soreness as a sign of an effective training, muscle confusion, and training to failure. Check it out

Breaking Muscle explained why the Ideal Body Weight Is A Deceptive Goal, why aiming at a bodyweight number isn’t the best option, and what to focus on instead.

Red Bull listed 7 surprising benefits of swimming, a good outline of what swimming can do for you, However, out of my experience, it’s worth mentioning you need to have a good technical swimming level to reap these benefits.

Renaissance Periodization explained Integrated Periodization Basics a Lecture by James Hoffmann, what periodization is, the importance look at multiple factors in your periodization process, and how to break down the periodization into different phases. Check it out

Youth Strength Training Articles

YLM Sports Science discussed What Is The Impact Of Early Sport Specialization On Injury & Longevity? An Example In NBA Players, a comparison between the effect of multi-sport athletes, and early specialisers.

Nutrition Articles

Broscience discussed Dirty Bulk vs Clean Bulk – What Works Better For You? Outlining the different ways to gain weight with its’ pros and cons, and which one to chose. explained Why Women Should Consume More Protein, outlining the results of a study, where they compared females with low protein diets vs females with a high protein diet, and the results of this study. Check it out

Picture Fit asked What is Lean Bulking? | Build Muscle Without Getting Fat, explaining what lean bulking is, and how to do it. Check it out

Power Training Articles

T-Nation shared a Tip: Train Like This or Die Sooner, the importance of power training modalities not only for athletes.

Stack outlined different power exercises you can do, that don’t require a barell in the article Skip the Barbell: 9 Power Exercises Anyone Can Do.

The Bar Bend released Weight Over Bar Guide: How-To, Benefits, and Programming Tips, what the weight over bar exercise is, and the benefits for athletes.

Olympic Lifting Articles

Fitness Volt demonstrated Five Barbell Complexes Everyone Should Try, a combination of different Olympic Lifts, and derivatives of the Olympic Lifts.

Catalystathletics shared

  • Ankle Mobility for Squats & Olympic Weightlifting, the importance of ankle mobility, how to train it, and advanced mobility interventions for stubborn  ankles. Check it out
  • Snatch Receiving Height? The ideal Snatch receiving height, and how to determine the receiving position. Check it out

Elite FTS listed 5 Alternatives to Olympic Lifts, demonstrating derivatives of the Olympic Lifts, throws, jumps, and sled variations as variations.

Starting Strength explained Why We Train the Power Clean with Mark Rippetoe, why the Starting Strength guys prefer to teach the Power Clean, and not the (Squat) Clean. Check it out

Aleksey Torokhtiy shared Session #2: Squat Clean / Clean Pull / Back Squat, impressions of his weightlifting training camp, including program design, movement execution, and movement corrections. Check it out

Squat Articles

Men’s Health outlined different squat variatons in different planes in the article Squat Your Way Around the Clock With This Dynamic Leg Day Finisher.

The Bar Bend listed 7 Steps for Nailing the Perfect Squat, discussing grip, bar placement, bracing, walkout, descent and ascent. Check out the additional explainer video

The Strength House discussed Rooting Your Feet, the importance of a stable foot position, and how to train it. Check it out

Deadlift Articles

Fitness Volt discussed Sumo vs Conventional vs Trap Bar Deadlift – Which Is Best For You? The muscular activation of the Deadlift, the different variations, how to execute them, the benefits of each variation, and how to determine which one to pick.

Starting Strength showed Mark Rippetoe Teaches John Lovell the Deadlift, a 5 step outline how to teach the Deadlift. Check it out

Breaking Muscle listed 6 Cues To Make Your Deadlift Stronger, from set-up, over movement initiation, common technical flaws to a strong finish.

The Strength House discussed Full Reset vs. Touch-and-Go Reps , who should use touch and go, and who not. Check it out