Article recommendations week #41 2020

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #41 2020.

Strength Training Articles

T-Nation shared asked How Much Weight Can You Lose in 12 Weeks? Discussing the basics of training and nutrition for maximal fat loss.

Thibarmy offered Recommendations For The Natural Lifter, what natural lifters are, and the important considerations for their training. Check out the additional explainer video

FitnessFAQs discussed Push-Ups Or Bench Press, the differences, benefits, and disadvantages of the two, and which one to choose. Check it out

Elite FTS shared

  • Setting Up For A Big Bench, the correct set-up and execution of the Bench Press. Check it out

The Bar Bend listed The 10 Best Arm Exercises for Major Muscle Growth, the best exercises, and how to perform them.

Women’s Health Mag discussed What Is Tabata? Here’s What To Know About This Type Of HIIT, According To Trainers, what Tabat is, where it originates from, and Tabata workout examples.

Breaking Muscle shared

  • Can I Train With A Herniated Disc? What a herniated disc is, and a 4-step progression to get back into training.
  • Getting Schooled on Building Muscle, discussing DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), best muscle building exercises, and how much variety do you need in your training. Check it out

Stack explained How the Force-Velocity Curve Relates to Sports Performance, what the force-velocity curve is and how it applies to training.

Nutrition Articles

Tony Gentilcore listed The Top 2 Mistakes Trainers Make With Nutrition And Recovery And How To Fix Them, the importance of prioritization and having a system.

Stack released an often discussed topic about coffee and dehydration in the article Does Coffee Dehydrate You? discussed Supplements for Building Muscle, how supplements can help in the muscle building process, and the best supplements. Check it out

Renaissance Periodization outlined Timing, Food Composition, and Supplements for Muscle Gain, discussing nutrient timing, macro-nutrient composition, and supplements for gainz. Check it out

Olympic Lifting Articles

Catalyst Athletics explained how to Keep the Bar Closer in the Turnover, the technical execution, and drills to train the movement. Check it out

Squat Articles

Medicine Hat News released Training Matters: Squats — the what, how and why, a short straightforward piece on the Squat.

The Barbell Physio outlined Pistol Squat Progression, a 5-step progression to master the Pistol Squat.

Men’s Health listed 5 Steps to Follow for a Better Squat, outlining technical key points of the Squat.

Squat University demonstrated Overhead Squat and Snatch Warm Up, mobility exercises to prepare for the Overhead Squat. Check it out

Deadlift Articles

Tony Gentilcore shared 1-Minute Deadlift Tip: External Cues For The Win, what external are and how to use them for a better Deadlift. Check out the additional explainer video