Article recommendations week #39 2019

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #39 2019.

Strength Training Articles

Men’s Health explained How to Use the Afterburn Effect to Torch Calories, the use of EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) to burn calories after exercise to burn body fat. Also check out the explainer video of Firstbeat on EPOC

Fitness Volt listed

Red Bull explained How to get into weight training, benefits of weight training, how to get started, free weights vs machines, and how often should you train.

Renaissance Periodization discussed Unhealthy Body Fat Levels, the differences for genders and age groups, the different body fat ranges, and risk factors of high, as well as low body fat levels. Check it out

Power Athlete HQ released Mentoring For The Mercenary Coach, the mentoring process of a coach, and different steps in the process.

The Bar Bend explained how to do the Inverted Row, the set-up, the technical execution, the benefits, muscular activation, common errors, and how to fix them, and programming considerations. We do use the Inverted Row quite a bit with our athletes, check out this tutorial

Elite FTS shared asked Does Physiological Training Matter for Special Ops? Having consulted to the special forces of the military, as well as the special forces of the police, I know, that the implementation of a training program can be tricky.

Jeff Nippard explained How To Recover From Any Injury, discussing injury prevention, goal setting, the importance of patience, and the use of recovery tools. Check it out

Stack shared

Robertson Training Systems described How to Pallof Press, what the Paloff Press is, hwo to execute it, and common flaws to avoid. Check it out

Shrugged Collective lloked at the Whoop recovery device, what it can measure, and how to use the information. Check it out

Nutrition Articles

The Bar Bend outlined The Ultimate Guide to Rich Froning’s Diet, Rich Froning’s food habits, fasting, his macro-nutrients, and supplementation plan. explained The Best Way to Use BCAAs, what BCAA’s (branched chain amino acids), the purposes to use BCAA, and suggested intake.

Starting Strength discussed Stop Worrying About Muscle Protein Synthesis and Train, the differences between distinct protein sources, and how to use the information and put it into context. Check it out

Broscience shared

Shredded Sports Science outlined different forms of Protein Powder, what they do, the amount of protein you need, and the timing of your protein supplementation. Check it out

Men’s Health compared different Types of Protein: What’s Best and How to Pick a Good Powder, why you need protein, how much you need, the appropriate protein sources, and protein supplementation to consider.

Plyometric Training Articles

Strength Sensei outlined how to Boost Your Vertical Jump, the biomechanics behind jumping, which muscles to focus on, and essential tips for a bigger vertical.

Speed Training Articles

Dr. John Rusin listed 5 reasons why you should sprint in the article Speed Builds: 5 Reasons To Sprint For Muscle & Strength. discussed the benefits of Hill Sprints for Speed & Strength, why you should do hill sprints, how to warm-up, hill sprint technique, how often you should hill sprint, and appropriate distances. Check it out

Olympic Lifting Articles

Men’s Health explained How to Do a Dumbbell Snatch, outlining the technical execution, and the benefits of this variation of the Olympic Lifts.

Catalystathletics shared

  • Full Squat Depth & Variation for Olympic Weightlifting, how to determine the full depth, and the factors influencing individual squat depth. Check it out
  • Hand & Wrist Strength & Durability – Rice or Sand Bucket, hwo to strengthen the wrist and hand, should you use rice or sand, different exercises, and progressions of the exercises, as well as training frequencies, reps and sets. Check it out
  • Split Jerk for CrossFitters? Does it make sense to learn the Split Jerk, as opposed to the popular Power Jerk, and the benefits of the Split Jerk. Check it out

The Bar Bend reviewed the results of the World Championships Men’s Super Heavyweight category Lasha Talakhadze All Time World Record Total of 484 kg. Check it out

Squat Articles

Robertson Training Systems listed 3 Tenents Of Squat Technique And Overall Badassery, from assessments, movement execution, and the necessary foot pressure and coordination.

Catalystathletics shared Quick & Easy Squat Mobility – Superhero Complex, a simple complex to improve mobility for the bottom position of the squat. Check it out

The Bar Bend listed 5 Steps for Nailing the Perfect Squat Walkout, the importance of a consistent walkout, starting with setting up the bar, bar placement, foot position, bracing and the actual walkout.

Deadlift Articles

Men’s Health shared Romanian Deadlift: A Beginner’s Guide, what the RDL (Romanian Deadlift) is, how to execute it, and how to put it into your training program.

The Bar Bend listed 5 Body Parts That Cause Problems With Your Deadlift, from top to bottom, common mistakes and how to fix them.