Article recommendations week #37 2022

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #37 2022.

Strength Training Articles

Men’s Health discussed how pre-exhaustion training can help to make gainz in the article This Pre-Lift Training Technique Can Help You Build More Muscle. To be honest for most people this technique doesn’t work as well as it’s promised. However, you can always give it a try.

Breaking Muscle outlined

  • How To Do Dips For Chest Size And Strength, how to do Dips, common mistakes to avoid, benefits, muscular activation, who should do them and who shouldn’t, alternatives and variations, and programming considerations.
  • How To Do The Reverse Crunch For Strong, Well-Developed Abs, how to do the Reverse Crunch, mistakes to avoid, benefits, muscular activation, programming considerations, and variations and alternatives.

The Bar Bend released

The Strength Sensei looked at the importance of rest intervals and how they influence your training in the article Strength Sensei 101: Rest Intervals.

Stack shared

T-Nation explained The Truth About Pull-Ups, and what to do if you can’t do Pull-Ups.

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Nutrition Articles

Lift Big Eat Big compared Mass Gainer vs. Meal Replacement: What’s The Difference, what mass gainer and meal replacement are, the difference between the two, and which one to choose.

YLM Sports Science discussed Sports Supplements And The Athlete’s Gut. Check it out

The Athletic Build asked

The Bar Bend outlined

Olympic Lifting Articles

Stronger By Science took a deep dive into the question Is Your SplitJjerk Limited By Upper Body Or Lower Body Strength? And what the current research says.

Lift Big Eat Big compared the Split Jerk vs. Power Jerk: What’s The Difference? The main difference between the two, the technical execution, and who should use which variation.

Squat Articles

T-Nation asked Are Skater Squats The Ultimate Unilateral Exercise? What Skater Squats are and what they can do for you. Check out the additional explainer video

Deadlift Articles

Bar Bend listed 8 Deadlift Alternatives For Beginners, At-Home Workouts, And More, the importance of the fundamental movement of hinging, and the Deadlift alternatives and what they do for you.