Article recommendations week #36 2020

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #36 2020.

Strength Training Articles

Breaking Muscle asked Is There A Magical Rep Range For Hypertrophy? How hypertrophy occurs and the main drivers for muscular hypertrophy.

Renaissance Periodization shared

  • Should You Train Strongman Events for Muscle Growth, discussing the use of strongman exercises to accelerate muscular growth and possible exercise variations. Check it out
  • Preventing and Coming Back From Injuries, simple strategies to prevent injuries and what to do when you have been injured and accelerate the return to training. Check it out
  • Theory of Science Foundations, the theory of science, how science applies to training, and how to use science to improve your training. Check it out

The Bank outlined The Key Ways To Boost Muscle Growth, the main do’s and dont’s if you want to gain muscle mass.

Eric Cressey asked Does Early Sports Specialization Work? Discussing if early sports specialization is worth it, the potential benefits and disadvantages of early specialization, and the influence of parents and coaches. Listen in

Elite FTS shared

Men’s Health listed 7 Classic Bodybuilding Rules That You Can Apply to Your Own Training.

The Bar Bend shared

  • Strength History’s Biggest Moments, 1000 years in 45 mins, discussing the greatest strength feats across time. Check it out

The PTDC explained

  • what you need to know before you start an online coaching business in the article Course, Coach, or Mentor: Which Is Best for You.
  • How Online Trainers Must Manage Their Money, discussing financial education, the most important documents to manage and the importance of watching your finances. Listen in

BoxRox described the benefits of barbells for your core training in the article Unusual Barbell Abs Exercises to Create Solid Abs and an Iron Core.

Calisthenicmovement listed The 7 Most Dangerous Exercises, outlining the worst exercises and why they are dangerous, as well as offering better alternatives. Check it out

T-Nation demanded Don’t Stop The Presses, the benefits of pressing movements, and pressing alternatives if you can’t do the regular pressing movements.

Nutrition Articles

Bradford Today described why Consistency is important part of losing weight. explained How to Avoid Rebound Weight Gain, how to control the hormonal system to maintain body weight.

Plyometric Training Articles

Tony Gentilcore explained the importance of Deceleration Training And Landing For The Everyday Athlete, the benefits of landings, and landing progressions.

Olympic Lifting Articles

Barbell Shrugged listed Four Accessories For Stronger Back and Legs in Clean, accessory exercises to improve different phases of the Clean. Check it out

Squat Articles

Power Athlete HQ asked Sprinters Should Never Squat Toes Forward? Discussing movement patterns, toe position, and do sprinters have to squat differently. Check it out

Starting Strength explained Why Do We Squat, the reasons for using full Squats. Check it out

Deadlift Articles

Tony Gentilcore outlined a 60 Second Deadlift Tip: Get The Slack Out Of The Bar, what slack is, and why it matters to remove slack before the lift-off. Check out the additional explainer video