Article recommendations week #35 2019

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #35 2019.

Strength Training Articles

Picture Fit listed 3 Reasons You’re Not Getting Stronger, the importance of correct form, how to select the right training methods, and the use of the ‘no pain, no gain’ idea. Check it out

Breaking Muscle released

Shredded Sports Science asked How Much Muscle Can You Build Naturally? What I like is, that he starts where to start to answer this question, all variables involved, and the follows up with numbers and possible calculations. Check it out

The Bar Bend shared

Stack described KPIs: What They Are and Why They Matter for Athletes, what KPI’s (key performance indicators) mean, and different KPI’s for health, wellbeing, speed, strength and power. looks at the ideal length of a workout, how to incorporate time under tension, and how to combine exercises to maximize time in the article How Long Should Your Workout Last? A Top Strength Coach Explains.

Jeff Nippard listed Top 3 Science-Based Exercises For Six Pack Abs (Upper vs Lower Abs) ft. Matt Ogus, outlining the function of the abs, different exercises of targeting the upper and lower abs, and the most common flaws during these exercises. Check it out outlined

Men’s Health demonstrated the necessary accessory exrcises to perfect your pullup in the article These Exercises Will Prep You For Perfect Pullups.

Elite FTS shared

Dr. John Rusin released Stress: The Silent Killer Of Health And Performance, explaining the different states of the nervous system and how that relates to stress, why stress can kill your gains, and tactics to reduce stress. asked What is ‘Tactical’ Fitness? The term tactical fitness, and tactical strength & conditioning has been coined over the last years, this article outlines what it means.

Power Athlete HQ discusses what to do, if a new athlete or client wants to train with you, and their approach of assessing a new trainee in the article The Day One Size Up.

T-Nation shared a Tip: Master the J-Row, how to change the movement of dumbell row to optimize muscular activation. Whilst it is true, that with this variation you will probably activate the muscle fibers of the lats a bit better, it will reduce the activation of motor units due to lesser weight being used and lower mechanical tension. Check out how to perform the J-Row

The Barbell Physio explained how to Improve Your Kipping Pull-Up Mechanics, a nice breakdown of the technical pieces with video explanation for each phase.

Aleksey Torokhtiy discussed the differences between Professional Vs Amateur, and why the main difference is not training frequency, volume or load.

Youth Strength Training Articles

LMH Health explained how to structure a basic physical education curriculum in the article Back to school: The ABC’s of strength and conditioning.

Nutrition Articles

YLM Sports Science outlined The Benefits Of Honey For Athletes, what honey is, what it can do for you, and how athletes can benefit from it. listed 3 Reasons and 3 Ways to Eat Bananas, why bananas are nutrient rich, and different recipes to make them more delicious.

Power Training Articles

Stack listed 3 Special Strength Exercises for Better Jumping and Sprinting, 3 different exercises, combining loaded jumps, a force absorption exercise, and a single-legged jump variation, what they can do for you, and when to do them.

Olympic Lifting Articles

Catalystathletics explained How To Time Warm-ups In Weightlifting Competition – Counting Attempts, very specific to the sport of Olympic Weightlifting, however, and interesting explanation how to plan your warm-up for a successful competition. Check it out

Zack Telander discussed Hypertrophy Training for Weightlifting, how to train for hypertrophy, and the important considerations of hypertrophy training for weightlifters, and how to incorporate the aspecific training and the specific training into the training program. Check it out

In case you don’t know already, I am a big Pyrros Dimas fan, the Olympic channel has made a compilation with All Pyrros Dimas Olympic Medal Lifts, it’s just cool to watch. Check it out

Squat Articles

Fitness Volt explained How To Do The Pistol Squat For Jacked Legs, a good piece on the pistol squat, benefits, muscular activation, technical considerations and exercises variations.

Robertson Training Systems discussed Back Squat vs Front Squat, outlining the different movement patterns, torso angle and muscular activation.

The Strength House shared a squat tip to get a better position of the bar on your back discussing Thumbless Grip & Claw Grip. Check it out

Deadlift Articles

Elite FTS released a 12-Week Conjugate Deadlift Cycle for a Raw Lifter, I like how they outlined the changes in training in each week. Not only for raw lifters.

The Strength House shared explained how to fix your Deadlift hitch, what the hitch is, why it happens and how to fix it. Check it out. Check it out

Starting Strength showed some footage of a workshop, where they go In Depth on the Deadlift with Mark Rippetoe, the starting strength 5 step process to learn the deadlift, the most typical flaws and how to correct them. Check it out