Article recommendations week #33 2022

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #33 2022.

Strength Training Articles

Breaking Muscle released a guide on Powerbuilding: The Training Method For Size And Strength, discussing what powerbuilding is, who should use it, why to train powerbuilding, common mistakes, and programming considerations.

Stack outlined

The Strength Sensei shared Strength Sensei 101: Sets, how to effectively structure your sets to achieve different training goals.

The Bar Bend described

YLM Sports Science discussed Trunk Muscle Training And Sport-Specific Performance. Check it out

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Bonvec Strength busted 5 Muscle Gaining Myths You Shouldn’t Believe, common myths and why they aren’t true. explained How To Perfect The Push-Up. Check it out

T-Nation discussed

  • the importance of neck training in the article The Look Of Power: Build a Thick Neck.
  • 6 Ways to Build Shoulders That Don’t Wanna Grow. proposing some unusual exercises to stimulate shoulder growth Check out the additional explainer video

Men’s Health demonstrated a Hanging Leg Rais variation to target different areas in the article This Hanging Leg Raise Variation Challenges Your Core in Different Directions.

Youth Strength Training Articles

Science For Sports listed 3 Progressive Steps For Athlete Development, an approach to optimize athlete development.

Nutrition Articles

T-Nation listed The 5 Worst Weight Loss Mistakes Lifters Make, the most common mistakes and what to do instead.

The Bar Bend outlined everything you need to know about antioxidants in the article The Big Article About Everything Antioxidants.

Power Training Articles

The Bar Bend listed 14 Best Box Jump Variations To Bring Your Leg Power To New Heights, the different variations for different competency levels, and how to execute them.

Speed Training Articles

Stack listed 5 Sled Tempo Exercises That Increase Speed and Maximize Performance, the different exercises and how to do them.

Squat Articles

Lift Big Eat Big asked Are Squats Enough For Huge Quads? The anatomy of the quads and how to best Squat variations to train the quads.