Article recommendations week #32 2022

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #32 2022.

Strength Training Articles

The Strength Sensei shared Strength Sensei 101: Reps, different rep ranges, the corresponding intensities and total volume, that can be performed at a given rep range and intensity.

T-Nation listed 5 Overlooked Reasons to Lift Weights, what lifting weights can do for you beyond building muscles.

YLM Sports Science compared The effects of 3 vs. 5 days of training cessation on maximal strength. Check it out

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The Bar Bend discussed

Science For Sports compared Free Weights vs Machines: What’s The Difference? What the science says is to be preferred.

Stack listed Resistance Training: 5 Areas That Will Change Your Life, there are more important things then sets and reps, when it comes to resistance training success.

Youth Strength Training Articles

Stack outlined How to Prevent Rhabdomyolysis in Youth Athletes, what rhabdomyolysis is, typical signs of rhabdomyolysis, and how to prevent it.

Power Athlete demanded Stop 1RM Testing Teens, and what to do instead. Check it out

Nutrition Articles

Stack listed the Top 10 Best Pre-Workout Supplements of 2022, the typical ingredients of pre-workouts, and the best products.

Deadlift Articles

Athlean X explained How He Deadlifts 3X His Bodyweight, discussing the plan to lift triple bodyweight. Check out the additional explainer video