Article recommendations week #32 2020

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #32 2020.

Strength Training Articles

Fitness Volt outlined How to Burn Fat with Strength Training, how to modify your strength training to accelerate fat loss.

Athlean X explained How to Get Big and Strong, the most important considerations to become bigger and stronger.

The Bar Bend shared

  • 2020 CrossFit Games Moves Online, But Some Will Compete in Person! Interestingly a hybrid-model of online and offline competition. Check it out

Power Athlete HQ discussed Extra Arm Work, What to Do and When to Do it, how to effectively incorporate arm training without ruining the rest of the training.

FitnessFAQs explained How To Planche Push-Up, and the progressions to master the Planche Push-Ups. Check it out

T-Nation listed 4 Lies Trainers Tell You, what the ‘lies’ are and what to do.

Stack asked Does Bigger Equal Stronger? The mechanisms of getting stronger and how getting bigger help and don’t help.

Men’s Health demonstrated how to activate the parasympathetic nervous system to fall asleep faster in the article This ‘4-7-8’ Breathing Technique Will Help You Fall Asleep Faster. Here’s How It Works.

Renaissance Periodization explained

  • When and How to Deload for Size, why you need to deload, how to effectively deload, and deload structures. Check it out
  • Are You Training Too Heavy, looking at the different possibilities why you might be training to heavy and what to do. Check it out

Nutrition Articles

The Poliquin Group listed 3 Pre-Workout Nutrition Priorities, outlining the goals of pre-workout nutrition and how to achieve these goals.

Speed Training Articles

Stack listed 3 Reasons Why All Athletes Should Incorporate Top Speed Sprinting, why speed training is important, and how to incorporate it.

Agility Training Articles

The Bar Bend shared the best selection of Agility Ladders With Parachute, outlining the best value, quickest set-up, and most professional.

Olympic Lifting Articles

The Bar Bend listed 6 Ways Weightlifters Can Use “Overload Training” for Better 1RMs, what ‘overload training’ is, and how to use it for different exercises.

Aleksey Torokhtiy shared the Bulgarian Method, Bulgarian weightlifters were very successful 3 – 4 decades ago by following an unconventional approach. This article summarises the approach.

Juggernaut Training Systems described the importance of a system for the Snatch set-up. Check it out

Squat Articles

Juggernaut Training Systems outlined the exercises and sequences for a Warm-Up for the Squat.

The Bar Bend shared

T-Nation outlined the importance of mobility for the Squat and some mobility drills to improve your Squat in the article Tip: Mobility for Better Squats.

LiveStrong explained how to improve ankle mobility for a better squat in the article Want to Improve Your Squats? Try This 10-Minute Ankle Mobility Routine.

Deadlift Articles

Starting Strength demonstrated different Deadlift Grip Options, the options you have and which one to use when. Check it out

Tony Gentilcore outlined a 60 Second Deadlift Tip: The Wedge, how to get the right set-up. Check out the additional explainer video

Juggernaut Training Systems shared

  • a Sample Deadlift Warmup, outlining the exercise sequence for a Deadlift warm-up.
  • the Stance & Setup of the Sumo Deadlift
  • Generating Tightness of the Sumo Deadlift
  • Pull & Lockout of the Sumo Deadlift