Article recommendations week #31 2019

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #31 2019.

Strength Training Articles

Broscience asked What makes a good fitness plan? The most important components of a good training plan.

YLM Sports Science looked at the Development of Muscle Mass: How Much Is Optimum for Performance? Discussing the advantages and disadvantages of increased muscle mass for sports performance.

Picture Fit asked Does Training to Failure Improve Muscle Gains? Outlining a recent study comparing training to failure vs not training to failure, the results might surprise you. Check it out

Stack explained The ‘Mechanical’ Drop Set: A Muscle-Building Tactic You’ve Never Tried, what mechanical drop sets are, how you can use them, and different mechanical drop set examples.

Elite FTS shared

  • Off-Season Conditioning Lanes, taking a look at different energy systems, and how to optimally developing them, depending on the demands of the sport.
  • Conditioning Without Running, often running is used as a form of conditioning, but what if your sport already involves a lot of impact activities (running, jumping, etc), this article provides an alternative approach to conditioning.
  • Ed Coan and Dave Tate Discuss Training Frequency, outlining the necessity for individualization for advanced athletes, tapering considerations, and the best training program. Check it out
  • Dave Tate Coaching Weak Points, some interesting footage from a workshop. Check it out

Men’s Health explained all you need to know about Crossfit in Your Complete Guide to CrossFit. listed 5 Keys to a Bigger Bench Press, the importance of the contact points with the ground, bench and the bar.

Fitness FAQ outlined How to Start Calisthenics, demonstrating the most basic Calisthenic moves and how to execute them. Check it out

Breaking Muscle discussed

The PTDC asked How Much Should I Charge for Personal Training, the most important pricing considerations, and how PT can communicate their own value.

Brute Strength discussed Hunter vs Vegan, an interesting chat about hunting, nootropics and brain health, and lifestyle that supports peak performance. Check it out

The Bar Bend shared

Shrugged Collective released Courage and the Myth of “the Hustle and Grind”, the necessity to get out of your comfort zone, habits for optimal performance, and personal development. Check it out

Youth Strength Training Articles

Stack asked What Exactly are ‘Overuse’ Injuries? Inside the Epidemic Sidelining Youth Athletes, outlining the current epidemic of overuse injuries in sports.

Nutrition Articles

Renaissance Periodization showcased A Day of Eating With Annie Thorisdottir, how a Crossfit competitor eats throughout the day. Check it out

Speed Training Articles

Fast Running shared The foundations of speed, a good overview of all components important for speed development.

Stack explained This Is the Single Most Important Part of Speed Training—And You’re Probably Not Doing It, why it’s important to time sprint times during your speed training.

Olympic Lifting Articles

The Bar Bend shared Podcast: From Olympian to Coach with Chad Vaughn, how Chad got started with Olympic Weightlifting, how he trained differently over the years, and the current state of weightlifting in the US>

Aleksey Torokhtiy demonstrated Clean & Jerk TIPS / Front Rack Position / Elbows & Shoulders Mobility, since the video is not in english language, it’s a bit difficult to understand, however, the demonstrations and drills are quite interesting. Check it out

Aleksey is a very interesting guy, check out my interview with him.

Deadlift Articles

The Bar Bend asked Can You Squat and Deadlift Heavy Without Getting a Thick Waist? Busting the myth of Squats and Deadlifts would lead to a wide waist.

Highlight of the week

I really like the video, where Novak Djokovics outlines how he frames his mind for success. Check it out

He has certainly walked the talk.