Article recommendations week #31 2022

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #31 2022.

Strength Training Articles

Elite FTS explained How to Achieve Your Training Goals, a 4-step process to achieving your goals.

Men’s Health shared This Dead Stop Drop Set Will Build a Massive Back, how to build a bigger back.

T-Nation described how to effectively train your traps in the article The Look of Power: Trap Training.

YLM Sports Science presented Fatigue Monitoring In Sport: It’s Not Just About Physical Fatigue! Check it out

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The Bar Bend looked at a popular online training program in the article The Candito Six-Week Strength Training Program, Explained.

Science For Sports discussed Speed Training In Soccer, why it is important, and how to effectively train it.

Nutrition Articles

Stack listed 2 Sports Supplements that will Boost Training and Performance, the two supplements, and what they do.

T-Nation busted the Top 10 Nutrition Myths That Just Won’t Die, discussing each myth, and why it’s a myth.

Science For Sports asked Energy Availability In Athletes: How Important Is The Concept Of Inadequate Energy Intake? Discussing how does inadequate energy intake affect health and performance.

The Athletic Build listed 7 Best Fat Burners for Athletes in 2022, the best supplements with their’ pros and cons.

Thibarmy shared BCAAs: Subtraction By Addition, looking at 4 studies about BCAA’s and the practical conclusions from these studies.

Speed Training Articles

Stack outlined why an excess of speed training might be counter-productive and what to do instead in the article Speed Kills.

Olympic Lifting Articles

Stack discussed Weightlifting For Girls, common misconceptions, why girls should weight lift, and where to start.

Squat Articles

Breaking Muscle explained How To Do The Bulgarian Split Squat For Leg Size, Strength, And Mobility, how to do the Bulgarian Split Squat, common mistakes to avoid, benefits and muscles worked, who should do it, and variations and alternatives.