Article recommendations week #30 2019

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #30 2019.

Strength Training Articles

Fitness & Power explained How to Gain Muscle Mass if You Have Trouble Bulking Up, the common problems of weight gain, the importance of training nutrition and recovery, and training considerations for different body types.

Picture Fit loked at a recent study, that compared Training 3 Days vs 6 Days | How Many Days Should You Workout? Which one is better for strength and size? Check it out

The Straits Times outlined the Advantages of having a professional coach, what a professional coach can do for you, and what not.

Box Rox lsited 9 CrossFit Abs Workouts to Destroy Weaknesses in Your Core Strength, I like the idea of looking at the different planes of movements, and select exercises for each plane.

Breaking Muscle asked Should You Be Lifting Overhead? How to analyse and score shoulder function, different overhead press movements, and useful alternatives.

Men’s Health outlined How NBA Star James Harden Trains to Boost His Athleticism, an example of a workout from warm-up to finish of one of the NBA stars.

Stack explained the differences between the para-sympathetic nervous system and the sympathetic nervous system and the application for athletes in the article What Athletes Need to Know About The Nervous System.

T-Nation listed 16 Unstable Exercises That Actually Work, the use of unstable exercises is always heavily discussed, this article outlines a few unstable exercises, when and why to use it.

The Bar Bend shared

Simplifaster described the use of the flywheel technology to increase rotational sterngth and power in the article Eccentric Rotational Training: Elevating Club Speed with kBox and kPulley.

NY Times explained How Weight Training Changes the Brain, looking at research and the potential benefits of weight training on brain function and health.

Catalystathletics discussed Motivation vs Discipline… and Weightlifting, defining motivation, discipline, inspiration, and various terms, that are often used interchangeably, and how they apply to the training process.

Calisthenicmovement showed practical applications for warming up and cooling down. Check it out

Elite FTS shared

The PTDC released a converstaion with a very successful personal traininer in Episode 1: “Start by Putting Yourself First” with Yeo YiQuan James, interesting topics of training athletes vs training clients, and how he created a business around his PT business. Check it out

Nutrition Articles

Box Row shared the basics of nutrition, training and recovery in the article Puori Training and Nutrition Guide: Muscle Building and Recovery.

Squat Articles

Men’s Health explained the difference in the bar placement during a Back Squat and Which Back Squat Is Best for You? listed 15 Squat Variations for a Ridiculously Sculpted and Strong Butt, not sure, whether you really need all of them, however, a good selection of squat variations.

T-Nation shared a Tip: Tall? Squat Like This, outlining an alternative to regular squats. Check it out

Olympic Lifting Articles

Breaking Muscle discussed if Bodybuilding And Olympic Weightlifting Aren’t Mutually Exclusive, what the potential benefits of bodybuilding type of training can do for Olympic Weighlifting.

The Bar Bend released Podcast: Weightlifting’s Future with Olympic Medalist Cheryl Haworth, career reflections of a triple Olympian, the future of weightlifting, and how to transition from athlete to coach. Listen in

Catalystathletics asked Which Leg Forward in the Split Jerk? As outlined in the video, a simple question with somewhat complicated answers, here they provide a simple(r) solution. Check it out

Deadlift Articles

Stack listed 4 Exercises to Destroy Your Biggest Deadlift Flaws, 4 exercises, that will help your Deadlift and why.

Highlight of the week

At the BMX World Championships this weekend one of my former athltes Twan van Gendt, made it to the top of the podium and one of my current athletes Niek Kimmann grabbed the silver medal, congrats Twan and Niek!

Having worked with Twan for a long time, I still enjoy watching his first efforts in the gym. He has certainly come a long way!