Article recommendations week #30 2022

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #30 2022.

Strength Training Articles

T-Nation shared

Breaking Muscle listed The 14 Best Triceps Exercises For Bigger, Stronger Arms, the best exercises and how to do them.

Men’s Health outlined listed 4 steps to Perfecting Your Push-Up.

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Bar Bend asked

  • How To Find The Right Weightlifting Shoe Heel Height, the factors to consider the heel height, and which heel height is best for you.
  • What’s The Future Of Strength Content? An interesting chat on how we most likely consume information in the next years and decades. Listen in

Stack released the benefits of training on health in the article Exercise as Medicine.

Elite FTS discussed the basics of training and nutrition in the article The 6s and 7s of Training and Nutrition.

Bonvec Strength listed 3 Reasons to Use a Top Set Approach, what a top set is, and how to effectively use it. IMHO a top set can actually be a very useful tool in certain periods of the year.

Lift Big Eat Big outlined How To Get A Bigger Butt, the anatomy of the butt muscles, and how to effectively train them.

Youth Strength Training Articles

Stack asked Why is Mindset Development so Important for Youth Athletes? What mindset is, and why it is important.

Nutrition Articles discussed the main nutritional considerations for endurance training in the article Fueling for Endurance Training.

Power Athlete busted some common Lies About Food. Listen in

Stronger By Science asked Is The 5:2 Fasting Diet A Viable Option For Lifters? What the 5:2 Fasting Diet is, and recent research looking into its’ effectiveness.

Science For Sports discussed Plant-Based Protein And Performance: All You Need To Know, the different vegan and vegetarian diets explained, the importance of quality and quantity of plant-based protein sources, and key considerations for plant-based athletes.

Stack provided useful tips on how to stay hydrated during the summer in the article Tips and Specific Foods that will Hydrate You During the Summer.

Squat Articles

Bar Bend listed 10 Goblet Squat Variations You Can Do To Drink Up The Leg Gains, the best Goblet Squat variations, the muscles worked of each variation, and how to program them.

Lift Big Eat Big asked Do Squats Work Abs? How much does the Squat work your abs, and what are the different options.

Deadlift Articles

The Bar Bend asked Romanian Deadlift Vs. Deadlift — Which Is Better For Your Program? The differences and similarities between the two, how to do each of these variations, and when to do the RDL, and when to do the regular Deadlift.