Article recommendations week #30 2021

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #30 2021.

Strength Training Articles

JBH News discussed How to Grow Big Arms, the most important considerations to build big arms.

Dr. John Rusin listed The 5 Forgotten Laws of Fat Loss, the most important exercise and lifestyle considerations.

Lifting Explained discussed Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Blueprint To Mass Is Not Good, dissecting a training program, that as Arnold’s name, but actually isn’t from him. Check it out

T-Nation outlined how to program for constant gains in the article Specialization: A Serious Lifter’s Secret Weapon.

Calisthenicmovement shared How To Fix Your Weak Abs, the best exercises, and how to perform them. Check it out

Breaking Muscle explained

Elite FTS discusses

  • the importance of Good Mornings and how to perform the Good Morning. Check it out
  • the Top 5 Gym Hacks, hacks to a better Pull-Up, Bench Press, Sissy Squats, and more. Check it out

Generation Iron shared The Best Types Of Barbells & What Theyre Good For, the different types, what they do, and what to use them for.

Barbell Shrugged outlined How To Fix Your Bent Over Row. Check it out

Juggernaut Training Systems asked What Is A ‘Technique Day? The purpose of a technique day and how to approach it. Check it out

Stack listed 5 Tips to Becoming a Successful Athlete, simple and straightforward tips.

Lifehacker explained one of the most fundamental training principles and how to use it in the article How to Use Progressive Overload to Get Stronger.

Renaissance Periodization released Designing a Powerlifting Peaking Program, the purpose of a peaking program, how to get started and the most important training variables discussed. Check it out

Nutrition Articles

Stack asked Should Youth Athletes Take Supplements? Considerations for youth athletes, whether supplements are for them or not. shared How to Eat to Gain Weight, determining a baseline, the importance of having a plan, and the macronutrient distribution. Check it out

Renaissance Periodization outlined What Should You Eat Around Your Workout, discussing what to eat before, during, and after the workout. Check it out

Power Training Articles

Starting Strength answered A Question on Power, what power is, the variables in the physical equation, and how you can effect power. Check it out

Olympic Lifting Articles

All Things Gym shared Lu Xiaojun 207kg World Record Clean & Squat Jerk Slow Motion. Just watch and enjoy

Aleksey Torokhtiy took a deep dive into programming for Olympic Weightlifting in the article Programming Tips.

Juggernaut Training Systems outlined Best Exercises to Improve Your Jerk, the best exercises, and what they do for you. Check it out

Squat Articles

Fitness Volt listed 9 Best Front Squat Alternatives for Mass, Strength, and Athletic Performance, different Front Squat variations and its’ benefits.

Squat University shared a 10 Minute Squat Mobility Routine, the different mobility exercises and how to perform them. Check it out

Elite FTS demonstrated Brutal Squat Variation to Fight Low Back Pain, how to use the Split Squat to avoid butt-winking. Check it out

Zack Telander discussed why Everyone Should Squat Deep, how to warm up and how to progress the deep Squat. Check it out

Deadlift Articles

T-Nation explained how to Build Tree-Trunk Quads With Deadlifts, using Deadlift variations for quad development.

Athlean X described How To Do a Deadlift, the muscular activation, the benefits and the correct technical execution.

Starting Strength outlined how to Fix Your Deadlift Start, the right start position, common mistakes, and how to fix them. Check it out

Highlight of the week

I will forever remember Friday 30th of July 2021. Once because my daughter turned 12 years old, and secondly Niek Kimmann won the Olympic gold medal at the Tokyo Olympic Games. 2 days later, I have probably watched that video close to 50 times, check it out (it’s dutch commentary, however, the video says it all)

Congratulations Niek!

And as if winning an Olympic gold medal isn’t special enough, what makes it extra impressive is that Niek had an accident 4 days prior in training, where he crashed with an official and ruptured his knee cap. Check out the crash