Article recommendations week #3 2020

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #3 2020.

Strength Training Articles

T-Nation shared Body Disrupters: 4 Ways to Activate New Growth, outlining different strategies to increase muscle mass.

Breaking Muscle provided

Aleksey Torokhtiy listed 5 Tips For Training Plan writing, an outline of the necessary steps and improtant considerations for writing a training plan.

Stack explained

Elite FTS shared Peaking Technically, a piece on periodization and different periodization strategies.

Fitness Volt listed 6 Bench Press Programs For A Big Powerful Chest, outlining different popular training programs and how to find the right one for you.

Men’s Health outlined How Stan Wawrinka Stays At The Top Of His Game, an interesting piece for everyone who likes tennis.

The Barbell Physio listed 3 Steps To Your First Pull-Up, focus areas to get to your first Pull-Up.

Breaking Muscle shared

Nutrition Articles

Men’s Health listed 6 Carbohydrates That Won’t Throw You Out of Ketosis, food sources for the keto diet.

YLM Sports Science discussed How Does Beet Juice Improve Athletic Performance, looking at the performance implications, limitations and side effects. Check it out

Olympic Lifting Articles

Fitness Volt outlined How To Master The Single-Arm Dumbbell Snatch, a detailled outline of the exercise benefits, muscles involved, technical execution and how to use it in your training.

Catalystathletics explained Tapering for Olympic Weightlifting Competition, an interesting tapering approach, that can be used for other sports as well.

Squat Articles

Men’s Health explained how to Build a Strong Lower Body With Safety Bar Squats, the benefits of a the Safety Bar Squat, and how to use these benefits.

Finding the right bar position for either High-bar Back Squats or Low-bar Back Squats can be difficult for some people, the Bar Bend’s article When Squatting, What Does It Mean When Lifters Say “Create a Shelf”? outlines how to find the right position. resolved Your Biggest Squat Complaints (and Excuses) Solved, what the most common problems are and how to fix them.

Squat University explained how to avoid the chest collapse in the Front Squat, the different reasons why the chest could collapse and the appropriate interventions. Check it out