Article recommendations week #29 2022

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #29 2022.

Strength Training Articles explained How to Increase Your 1 Rep Max through the use of progressive overload.

T-Nation shared

Generation Iron released different biceps exercise tutorials

  • Incline Dumbbell Curl. Check it out
  • Incline Hammer Curl. Check it out
  • Dumbbell Preacher Hammer Curl. Check it out

YLM Sports Science compared Training To Lose Fat: Interval Training Or Continuous Training At Moderate Intensity. Check it out

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Garage Strength shared

  • The Best Core Strength Exercises for Athletes, why you need core strength, the best exercises and how to incorporate it in your training. Check it out
  • How Strength Training Gets You Fast, discussing the relationship between strength and speed and how to train to get faster. Check it out
  • Why You Should Train Barefoot! Considerations for barefoot training and how to incorporate it into your training. Check it out

The Bar Bend discussed The Smolov Jr. Program For Powerlifting, Explained, what the Smolov Jr. program is, why and how it works, who should and who shouldn’t do it, and the difference between the Smolov Jr. vs. Smolov program.

Juggernaut Training System shared How To Address Shoulder Pain in less than a minute. Check it out

Breaking Muscle outlined

  • How To Do The Bent-Over Barbell Row For A Bigger, Stronger Back, how to do the BB Row, mistakes to avoid, benefits, muscular activation, how to program the BB Row, and variations and alternatives.
  • How To Do The Reverse Lunge For Powerful Legs And Rock-Hard Glutes, the technical execution, benefits and muscles worked, and variations and alternatives.

Bonvec Strength listed 5 Strategies for Implementing Technique Changes, simple and straightforward advice.

Power Athlete released Get NFL Powerful, and interview with an NFL veteran. Check it out

Fitness & Power outlined The Key to Muscle Growth For Natural Bodybuilders, the main training and nutritional considerations.

Stronger By Science discussed Joint-friendly warm-up strategies. Check it out

Elite FTS demonstrated How To Combine DB Presses And DB Flies for maximum gainz. Check it out

Stack demanded why you need to Train with Intent! What intent is, and why it is important.

Renaissance Periodization shared

  • The Ultimate Side Delt Growth Program, how to prioritize and train this body part. Check it out
  • Weed and Recovery, does it help to relax and therefore recover? Check it out

Nutrition Articles

T-Nation asked The Bulking Diet: Necessary or Nonsense? What the bulking diet is and who can benefit from it. listed the Top 7 Foods for Better Sleep, how foods can improve your sleep and the best foods to do so.

Renaissance Periodization busted the myth of Good Foods vs Bad Foods. Check it out

YLM Sports Science presented Guidelines For Carbohydrate Intake Before, During And Between Sporting Events. Check it out

Biolayne asked Low Carb Diets Are Superior for Type II Diabetes? What the science says. Check it out

Stack shared

Power Training Articles

Stack asked Sprints, Broad Jump, Vertical Jump. Do Coaches Really Need to Test All Three? What the research says about test these 3 test.

Olympic Lifting Articles

Catalyst Athletics released American Weightlifting: The Documentary, an interesting, entertaining, and educative movie. Check it out

Zack Telander shared Lu Xiaojun Total Domination, Lu Xiaojun announced earlier this week that he wants to prepare for his 4th Olympics in Paris 2024. Here is some footage of his impressive lifts over the lat 13 years. Check it out

Squat Articles

Squat University demonstrated a tip from Ed Coan. Check it out

Sika Strength reviewed The Tom Platz Squat Challenge, looking at different people intending the Tom Platz challenge of squatting 525 lbs for 23 reps. Check it out presented some Benefits Of The Bulgarian Split Squat. Check it out

Deadlift Articles

Men’s Health explained How To Deadlift For Max Hamstring Gains, what to focus on to target your posterior chain. Check out the additional demonstration video

Squat University discussed Deadlift Back Round Is Not Always Bad! Check it out