Article recommendations week #28 2022

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #28 2022.

Strength Training Articles

The Bar Bend described the benefits of Kettlebells for the development of muscle growth in the article Kettlebell Training For Bodybuilders — Tips, Tricks, And The Best Exercises For Muscle Growth.

Garage Strength outlined

  • How to Lose Body Fat while Gaining Muscle, what the science says, how to train for muscle growth, and how to balance training for muscle growth and training for fat loss. Check it out

Biolayne discussed the latest research on Training for Different Types of Muscle Fibers. Check it out

T-Nation outlined the benefits of unilateral training in the article The Bulletproofing Leg Workout. Check out the additional explainer video

Complementary Training looked at different periodization approaches in the article Pain-Based Periodization.

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Power Athlete discussed

  • 7 Tips for Fostering Athleticism, Listen in

  • How To Increase Shoulder Stability with the incline shrug. Check it out
  • Finding Stability in the S&C World, insights into the life of a college S & C coach. Check it out

Lift Big Eat Big described the Lying Leg Curl: Technique, Alternatives & Benefits, the benefits of the leg curl, and different leg curl alternatives.

Renaissance Periodization explained How To Do More Pull-Ups. Check it out

Calisthenicmovement presented The Perfect Morning Routine: 4 Steps to Start Your Day Right. Check it out

The Strength Sensei demanded Don’t Forget Lunges! Why you should consider adding lunges to your training program.

Jeremy Ethier shared Stop Doing Dumbbell Press Like This, listing 5 common mistakes that slow your progress. Check it out

Bonvec Strength listed 4 Things to Look for in an Online Coach, simple and straightforward advice,

Generation Iron demonstrated How To Do The Hammer Curl. Check it out

Stack Managing discussed how to manage different challenges without overwhelm in the article Pressure & Strength in Sports.

Zach Telander outlined the differences between form and technique in the video. Check it out

Nutrition Articles

Lift Big Eat Big asked

Renaissance Periodization discussed

  • If Gluten Is Bad For You, what’s true and untrue about the widespread belief. Check it out
  • Snack Hacks. Check it out

Biolayne busted the myth The More You Train the Fatter You Get. Check it out

Power Training Articles

Stack discussed Use Light Weights to Jump Higher, how to use lighter weights to increase your vertical.

Garage Strength outlined Best Exercises For Explosive Power, the best exercises, how to execute them, and how to program them. Check it out

Olympic Lifting Articles

Catalyst Athletics explained How To Save Your Cleans with a Double Bounce, what the double bounce is, and how to execute it. Check it out

Starting Strength outlined How To Get a Better Front Rack. Check it out

Squat Articles

Breaking Muscle outlined How To Do The Back Squat For Size And Strength, how to do the Back Squat, common Back Squat mistakes to avoid, the benefits of the Back Squat, the muscular activation, and how to program it.

Squat University shared

  • The Best Squat Warm-Up. Check it out
  • Should You Squat Barefoot? The when and how of squatting barefoot. Check it out
  • Technique Tips of not leaning forward during the Back Squat. Check it out
  • Technique Tips to improve Squat form. Check it out