Article recommendations week #27 2021

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #27 2021.

Strength Training Articles

Athlean X explained How To Build Bigger Arms Fast, the anatomy of the arm muscles, how to best train them, and an example workout plan.

Breaking Muscle discussed Stress Management And Hypertrophy, what stress is and why it can hinder your gains. Check it out

T-Nation shared The 6 Training Rules For Over-40 Lifters, important considerations for the aging lifter.

Fitness & Power discussed

Stack discussed the difference between Mental Health vs Mental Strength, the difference between the two, and how to train them.

Nutrition Articles

Men’s Health asked Can You Eat Corn if You’re on the Keto Diet? Discussing if it’s safe to add corn to your keto diet. outlined

Power Training Articles

Fitness Volt listed 15 Transverse Plane Exercises For Rotational Power and Explosive Strength, the different planes of motion explained, the importance of the transverse plane, and the best exercises to train it.

Squat Articles

Generation Iron outlined How Overhead Squats Boost All Lower Body Muscle Groups, what the Overhead Squat is, the muscular activation and the Overhead Squat benefits.