Article recommendations week #27 2020

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #27 2020.

Strength Training Articles

Poliquin Group explained The Dangerous Metabolic Consequences of Sleep Deprivation, the 3 main disadvantages of sleep deprivation on training and nutrition.

Fitness Volt listed the

Science For Sports compared Block vs. undulating periodization: how does this impact on performance? Presenting a recent study comparing these two periodization strategies and how they impact performance.

Juggernaut Training Systems asked Should Jiu-Jitsu Athletes Do Powerlifting, discussing strength training for BJJ, combining BJJ and powerlifting, fundamental components of strength training for BJJ, and modifying the powerlifts. Check it out

EliteFTS shared

  • Programming is Irrelevant, the principle of diminishing returns, and why programming becomes irrelevant. Not that I necessarily share that opinion, however, it’s still a good read.
  • Goal Structure, an approach to set goals and how to achieve them.
  • the benefits of Randomized Band Shoulder Press, what they are, what they work and how to execute them. What are Randomized Band Shoulder Press? Check it out
  • The Lost Episode – Train Your Ass Off with Dave Tate, interesting thoughts from Dave Tate. Check it out

Fitness & Power released The Full-Body Barbell Workout, training most bodyparts by using only a barbell.

The PTDC explained How to Choose the Right Online Training Business Model, the different online training business models and which one is best for you. Listen in

The Barbell Physio described Toes To Bar Progression – Adding More Reps, exercise progressions to master the Toe To Bar.

The Bar Bend explained

Women’s Health outlined how to use the 80/20 rule to training and nutrition in the article ‘After My Rheumatoid Arthritis Diagnosis, I Got Into The Best Shape Of My Life’

Renaissance Periodization shared

  • Prioritizing Muscle groups, discussing prioritization, how to prioritize, how long to prioritize and how many muscle groups can be prioritized at a time. Check it out
  • the Training Principle of Phase Potentiation, what the principle of phase potentiation is, how to sequence phases, and practical considerations. Check it out
  • How Long to Rest Between Sets, considerations for the length of rest periods, and when you know you have rested enough. Check it out

Youth Strength Training Articles

Stack explained Why Young Athletes Shouldn’t Start at Bodyweight, why the general advice of starting with bodyweight exercises isn’t always the best advice.

Olympic Lifting Articles

Aleksey Torokhtiy explained How To Calculate Training Load, what training load is, and the most important variables to track.

Catalystathletics discussed

  • How to Find Your Split Jerk Stance, finding your stance in 3 quick steps. Check it out
  • Clean Short Pull, the purpose of this exercise, and how to execute it. Check it out

Juggernaut Training Systems outlined a Sample Jerk Warm-up, the different steps and exercises for an effective Jerk Warm-up. Check it out

Squat Articles

Starting Strength asked What Happened To Front Squats? Why the Front Squat isn’t part of their updated version of the Practical Programming from Starting Strength. Check it out

Deadlift Articles

T-Nation outlined the benefits of the landmine RDL in the article Tip: Get a Grip for a Better Hamstrings.

Juggernaut Training Systems outlined a Sample Deadlift Warm-up, the different steps and exercises for an effective Deadlift Warm-up. Check it out