Article recommendations week #26 2020

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #26 2020.

Strength Training Articles

Fitness Volt shared a 4-Day Upper Lower Split For Hypertrophy and Strength, what a 4-day split is, the benefits of a 4-day split, and example programs.

Renaissance Periodization released

  • How Heavy to Lift for Muscle Growth, outlining the sweet spot for hypertrophy training, and best exercise choices for gains. Check it out
  • Should You Test Your 1 Rep Max For Hypertrophy, pros and cons of testing your 1 RM for gains, how to measure progress in your hypertrophy training, and practical applications. Check it out
  • the Training Principle of Variation, what the principle of variation is, when to use it, what are the variables you can vary (quick hint, it’s not only exercise selection, practical application of the principle, and implications for program design. Check it out

Calisthenicmovement demanded Stop Doing These 3 Workout Mistakes, the most common mistakes, and why you need to avoid them. Check it out

Men’s Health explained Sling Training Is the Smart Way to Build Total-Body Strength, whilst the concept of slings and sub-systems are criticized, I can personally see some application of the exercise selections outlined.

Juggernaut Training Systems explained how to warm-up for the Bench, exercise sequences for the Clean warm-up. Check it out listed 5 Ways Resistance Bands Work for You, the benefits of resistance bands, and how to use them. Check it out

EliteFTS shared

  • John Meadows Explains High Frequency Training For Bodybuilding, what high frequency training is, how to use it and how to modulate intensity to accommodate to the high frequency. Check it out

The Bar Bend shared Scott Herman: The OG Fitness Influencer, an interesting chat about leveraging bigger platforms, celebrity training, and celebrity trainers, and the quarantine and detraining symptoms. Listen in

T-Nation released a

Tony Gentilcore discussed the subtle difference between Working Hard vs. Always Making Exercise Harder.

Starting Strength discussed the benefits of the Overhead Press vs the Jerk for strength development. Check it out

The PTDC explained How to Produce Content to Get Clients, an interesting chat on understanding your audience, why you can’t please everybody, steps to produce good quality content, and the importance of being energized with the things you do. Listen in

FitnessFAQs outlined the benefits of the Step Up and how to execute the Step Up correctly. Check it out

Nutrition Articles

The BarBend outlined The 5 Best Post Workout Supplements, best post workout Supplement, best whey, best mass gainer and best amino acids. shared

  • 4 Ways to Optimize Your Training with CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine, the difference between CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine vs Beta-Alanine, choosing the right brand, and combining different supplements.
  • Muscle-Building & The Importance of Hydration, discussing the different muscle fiber types, the motor unit activation, mechanisms of gaining muscle and strength,  training variables, protein consumption, and the role of hydration. Check it out

Olympic Lifting Articles

Juggernaut Training Systems explained

  • how to Improve the Clean, the technical phases of the Clean, the right cues and important mobility requirements.
  • how to warm-up for the Clean, exercise sequences for the Clean warm-up. Check it out

Catalystathletics asked Toe Pain in the Split Jerk? The reasons for toe pain in the Split Jerk and how to fix it. Check it out

Squat Articles

The BoxRox listed the 7 Top Reasons why CrossFit Athletes should do more Front Squats, from exposing weaknesses, targeted quad training, posture, transfer to Crossfit exercises and Olympic lifts, and the strong trunk activation.

The Greatist explained How to Air Squat Like a Pro, a straightforward outline of how to execute the Air Squat.