Article recommendations week #25 2019

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #25 2019.

Strength Training Articles

T-Nation shared a Tip: How to Diagnose Your Bench Press Problem, how to find your sticking point in the bench, and how to address it.

Shredded Sports Science busted DeLauer Can Target Your Love Handle Fat, I do like the way this guys argues and supports his points. Check it out

Aleksey Torokhtiy listed 5 Reasons To Skip A Training, deciding to skip or adjust a training is always a balancing act, this article gives ideas when you need to skip training.

Calisthenicmovement demonstrated The Best Chest Workout Without Weights! Outlining the most effective exercises, and appropriate reps and sets. Check it out

Power Athlete HQ outlined the training principle of reversibility and its’application in the article Genpop Training: Principle Of Reversibility.

Picture Fit asked Can the Science Be Wrong? How Fitness Science Doesn’t Always Work, the challenges of science and the scientific recommendations, and the bottlenecks you need to be aware of. Check it out

Simplifaster shared

Men’s Health described the different grip variations and how a change can help in the article Get a Grip for Even More Workout Gains, a word of caution here, make sure to adhere to the main training principles before you hope to make gains just because you change your grip (as the article outlines).

Stack provided A 3-Step Blueprint to Conquer Self-Doubt and Build Real Confidence, everyone faces fear, self-doubt and anxiety some point this article provides a framework to handle it.

FitnessFAQs compared Bodyweight Vs Weights, outlining the best bodyweight exercises and their equivalent weight exercise for horizontal and vertical pushing exercises, and horizontal and vertical pulling exercises. Check it out

The Bar Bend listed 5 Tips to Bust Through an Overhead Press Plateau, balancing rest and recovery, optimize your warm-up, work on accessory movements, and add some big lift.

YLM Sports Science released an infographic on Sleep Disorders In Athletes, the occurrence of sleep disorders and potential solutions.

Starting Strength challenged that Complexity Appeals To Stupid People, an insight into the starting strength philosophy and why people tend to be drawn to complexity, rather than simplicity. Check it out

Elite FTS outlined

  • The Lost Art of Training Hard, what training hard is, and why it matters, the balancing act between training hard and training too hard, and emphasizing the point that hard training is a means to set a stimulus, not to destroy.
  • Disruptive Innovation and Blue Ocean Strategies, how to make your competition irrelevant.
  • Why Strength Coaches are D-Bags, a polarizing discussion why strength coaches sometimes don’t do themselves a favor with their behavior. Check it out
  • What is Cortisol? John Meadows Explains the Pros & Cons of the Effects, explaining what cortisol is, what it does, why we needed, and when cortisol can be negative. Check it out

Nutrition Articles

T-Nation discussed The Truth About Fruit and Fat Loss, the topic of fruit and weight loss has been discussed often, this article outlines the carbohydrate quantity of different fruits and how to effectively manage fruit intake during a diet.

Starting Strength outlined the challenges of Veganism And The Human Diet, the problems of vegan proteins and the incomplete amino acid profile. Check it out

Fitness & Power listed

Elite FTS demanded to Simplify Your Nutrition, you might know, I am a big fan of simplification, this article outlines the big rocks you should be focussing on to master your nutrition.

Squat Articles explained how to Build a bigger Squat with these Training Tips and Mistakes to avoid, discussing the stance, the posture, and depth.

The Bar Bend challenged to Push Your Limits and Try These 4 Grueling Squat Challenges, the main technical key points of the back squat, and squat challenges like 20-rep squat, tempo squats, an EMOM (every minute on the minute) variation, and a pyramid squat variation.

Olympic Lifting Articles

Catalystathletics explained why you are Short-Stepping The Split Jerk and how you can fix it. Check it out

Zack Tealander outlined Fix Your Clean Technique with 1 “Simple” Trick, for those athletes that overextend the second pull and don’t retreat their hips properly to get under the bar. Check it out

Interestingly you can see this concept applied by Lasha Talakhadze performing Snatch Pulls

Deadlift Articles

T-Nation shared a Tip: CNS Stress and Deadlifting, what the CNS (central nervous system) is, the variables that influence CNS recovery and the effect of different deadlift variations on CNS recovery.

Stack outlined Why Everybody Botches Single-Leg Deadlifts (and How to Finally Master Them), the challenges of the single-legged deadlift and how to solve them, and different deadlift variations.