Article recommendations week #25 2021

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #25 2021.

Strength Training Articles

Generation Iron outlined How The Barbell Pullover Works For Wider & Larger Lats, the muscular activation of the Barbell Pullover, its’ benefits, and how to perform it,

T-Nation listed

Fitness Volt listed The 9 Best Cable Back Exercises & Workouts to Level Up Your Training, comparing cables, machines, and free weights, what cables can do for you, and the best cable exercises for your back.

Starting Strength looked at the RPE And How It’s Ineffective, what the RPE (rate of perceived exertion) is, and a critical look at the RPE. Check it out

Breaking Muscle released A Guide To Recovery And Training For Coaches And Parents, the most important things explained. Check out the additional explainer video

Elite FTS discussed

  • How To Pick the Right Bench Variation For You, when to choose a wide grip and when to choose a close grip. Check it out
  • Volume vs. Intensity for Longevity, the ever-present discussion of volume vs intensity and how it changes over an athlete’s lifetime. Check it out

The Bar Bend explained The Keys to Elite Overhead Strength, how a strongman trains overhead strength. Listen in

Brute Strength released How to Build a Champion Mindset, discussing the skills kids need to learn to develop the mindset of a champion, creating buy-in, and how to use the Eisenhower Matrix. Check it out

Healthline outlined how to do the single-leg hip thrust, the benefits, common mistakes, and how to fix them in the article The Single-Leg Hip Thrust Is a Powerful Glute Exercise for All Fitness Levels.

Juggernaut Training Systems explained the concept of Individual Differences in less than a minute. Check it out

Business Insider presented an interesting case study in the article A YouTuber says he lost 10 pounds of fat and gained 2 pounds of muscle without a gym – just by using at-home strength training and calorie control, just focussing on the basics is enough.

Renaissance Periodization shared

  • How Individualization Alters Each Training Principle, looking at each training principle and how it can change through individual differences. Check it out
  • Using Your Muscle Disruption to Adjust Your Volume, what muscle disruption is and how to use it to adjust your training. Check it out

Nutrition Articles

Fitness Volt asked Is Creatine Bad for You? What creatine is, what it does, and potential benefits and dangers.

Stack released Simple Cooking for Young Athletes: How to Cook Eggs, the benefits of eggs, and different ways to prepare them.

Aleksey Torokhtiy discussed Fruits For Athletes, different categories of fruit, the benefits of fruits, and how much fruit you can consume in a day.

Power Athlete HQ talked about all things Creatine, the history, efficacy and safety, the best products, and which should be your choice.

The Greatist asked Team Green Tea vs. Team Coffee: Should You Consider Swapping? The benefits of each, what to do and what to avoid, and should you switch your preferred drink.

The Bar Bend listed Best Protein Puffs For Flavor, Sweetness, And More, the best choices, its’ benefits, and where you can get them. discussed Calories & Food Labels, what calories are, better ways to calories, and why quality matters as much as quantity. Check it out

Renaissance Periodization discussed

  • Getting Exotically Lean, what exotically lean is, and what you have to consider when getting extremely lean. Check it out
  • 10 Reasons To Go Vegan, reasons for going vegan. Check it out

Speed Training Articles

Stack listed 5 Movements You Should Be Doing to Gain Football Speed, not only for football.

Olympic Lifting Articles explained How to Master the Olympic Lifts, technical key points, and training considerations to master the Snatch and Clean & Jerk.

Squat Articles

Power Athlete HQ demonstrated

  • 4 Magic Movements to Fix Your Squat #2
  • 4 Magic Movements to Fix Your Squat #3
  • 4 Magic Movements to Fix Your Squat #4

Squat University outlined

  • How To Fix The Most Common Squat Mistake, fixing the Good Morning Squat. Check it out
  • Knee Pain With Pistol Squats, and how to fix it. Check it out