Article recommendations week #25 2020

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #25 2020.

Strength Training Articles

Jeremy Ethier outlined How to Perform Your Reps For Faster Growth, discussing different rep cadences, the importance of technical mastery, and internal focus and external focus selection based on the training intensity. Check it out

T-Nation shared a Tip: 5 New Ways to Build Your Shoulders, unconventional exercise variations for bigger shoulders.

Elite FTS asked What We Can Do As S&C Coaches, discussing different strategies during the Covid-19 phase.

Runnersworld discussed Want to Learn How to Train Like an Olympian? There’s a Zoom Call for That, different online training options to train with Olympic athletes.

The Bar Bend shared The New Rules for Training Core, what the core is, common misconceptions, and how to effectively train the core.

Renaissance Periodization explained

  • How to Warm Up for Muscle Growth Training, the purpose of the warm-up, how to structure your warm-up sets,  and how the warm-up changes over the course of the warm-up. Check it out
  • The Differences Between Training for Size Vs Strength, what the differences are, how the training changes when training for strength vs training for gains, and how to get the best out of both worlds. Check it out
  • the SRA Training Principles, what the SRA (stimulus – recovery – adaptation) is, important training considerations to maximize the SRA process, the practical application of the SRA principle in a micro-cycle and meso-cycle, and implications for different program design options. Check it out

The Greatist listed 11 New Ways to Use TRX Straps, whether they are all new I don’t know, but certainly a diverse selection options.

The LA Times shared the schedule of one of the greatest Beach Volleyball players of all times in the article The Check-In: Kerri Walsh Jennings shifts her routine to the new Olympic timetable.

Box Rox outlined different Explosive Pull Up Back Workouts to Build Power, including exercises, reps, and sets and workout times.

CoachMag asked What’s The Difference Between Sports Training And Normal Gym Workouts? Discussing the differences between the training for the regular gym goer and training for athletic performance. listed 5 Things To Consider When Buying Resistance Bands, which sizes to chose, the different materials, how to take care of you bands, and how to chose the right accessory. Check it out

Aleksey Torokhtiy discussed Slow, Static, Eccentric Exercises, what slow eccentric exercises are, how slow should you do these exercises, and when to use them.

Stack listed 5 Reasons Everybody Needs a Coach, from faster results over providing feedback to holding you accountable.

Nutrition Articles

Fitness Fahrenheit shared The Ultimate Guide To Strength Training Nutrition, going in-depth on macro-nutrients, best food choices, supplements, and example nutrition plans.

Jeff Nippard explained The Best Diet For Getting Back In Shape Faster, how to best approach your body composition, and what the science says on the best recomposition strategies. Check it out

Tony Bonvechio outlined The World’s Simplest Nutrition Approach, the most important nutritional consideration for gaining weight and losing weight.

The Bar Bend shared

  • 3 Misconceptions CrossFit® Athletes Have About Nutrition, not only applicable for Crossfit athletes.
  • Eddie Hall’s New 6,000 Calorie Boxing Diet, how one of the strongest man in the world trains and eats in preparation of his boxing match against another strongmen in the world. Check it out

Breaking Muscle asked Like To Lift? Consume More Protein, what protein is, the benefits of protein, and the ever-present question of how much protein is needed.

Olympic Lifting Articles

Juggernaut Training Systems outlined a Sample Snatch Warmup, different exercises including exercise progressions, technical key points and the proposed re ranges. Check it out

Catalystathletics asked

  • Are You Over The Bar? How you can feel if you are over the bar in the pull, how you should, or not. Check it out
  • should you Double Bounce in the Clean, what the double bounce is and whether it’s useful and the ideal bouncing movement in the Clean. Check it out

Squat Articles

The Barbell Physio released The Best Drills For Improving Squat Depth, from assessing your position to mobility drills and corrective exercises to improve the Overhead Squat depth.

Starting Strength discussed Common Squat Errors and Fixes, the most frequent technical flaws, and how to correct them. Check it out

The BoxRox outlined the benefits of Overhead Squats on your trunk strength and stability in the article Building Balance, Strength and Muscle – Overhead Squat Ab Workouts for Athletes.

Muscle Intelligence explained the importance of the foot position for the Squat. Check it out

Deadlift Articles

T-Nation shared a Tip: Deadlift Without Sciatic Pain, what the sciatic nerve is, how it’s triggered, and how to Deadlift without sciatic irritation.