Article recommendations week #24 2019

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #24 2019.

Strength Training Articles

Eric Bach outlined how to Master The Movement Hierarchy, not only describing the different fundamental movements but also putting them into an order of importance.

Life Hacker pointed out How (and Why) To Video Your Lifts, the benefits of filming your lifts and the best set-up. I am a big fan of filming lifts as a feedback tool for the athletes.

Starting Strength explained why high school athletes can play sports and lift and make progress. Check out the video

Coach Mag Uk explained How To Do The Back Extension, the Back Extensions are one of the best exercises for the lower back, this article gives a short outline of the benefits and technical execution.

Juggernaut Training Systems discussed the most favorite Bench Accessory of competing powerlifters. Check it out

YLM Sports Science summarized a study on Chronic Effects Of Static & Dynamic Stretching On Hamstring Eccentric Strength & Functional Performance, another interesting infographic looking at the different effects of static stretching and dynamic stretching on performance outcomes.

Elite FTS shared

  • The Westside Barbell I Remember, I particularly like the Westside rules.
  • JM Blakley and Dave Tate Discuss Meditation For Athletes, the benefits of meditation for athletes, and why, the different techniques appropriate for lifters and how to get started. Check it out asked Athletes and Fathers: How Are You Passing On Your Passion for Fitness to Your Kids? How to dads pass their passion for fitness onto their kids.

Breaking Muscle outlined How to Become Ruthlessly Efficient in the Gym, discussing the importance of exercise mechanics, individualizing training programs, and the role of motivation. Listen in

Nutrition Articles

The Bar Bend shared

Power Training Articles

The Bar Bend listed 3 Explosive Squat Variations to Build Lower Body Power, different squat variations with different loads to train different parts of the force-velocity curve.

Squat Articles

Simplifaster outlined the benefits of the Overhard Squat and the practical application of Overhead Squats in training in the article Overhead Squats – The Exercise You Love to Hate.

Robertson Training Systems described A Challenging Variation on the Front Squat, the use of kettle bells and offset to challenge coordiantion to a greater degree. Check it out

Juggernaut Training Systems explained why Belt Squat seemed to be the favourite Squat Accessory for most competing powerlifters and why. Check it out

Olympic Lifting Articles

Stack outlined Why the Split Snatch Is My Favorite Lift for Athletes, the benefits of the Split Snatch and how to teach it.

Zack Tealander discussed Pulling with a Neutral Back, what a neutral back position is, how to maintain a neutral back position, the importance of the valsalva maneuver and appropriate coaching cues. Check it out

Deadlift Articles

The Bar Bend described small tweaks to your deadlift for strength and size in the article Deadlifting for Strength Vs. Size: Small Form Tweaks for BIG Lat Growth.

Juggernaut Training Systems discussed the most valuable Deadlift Accessory from competing powerlifters and why it’s their most valuable accessory. Check it out