Article recommendations week #23 2019

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #23 2019.

Strength Training Articles

Thibarmy outlined the Sticking Point Therapy: How To Blast Through Your Weakest Link!   A really good piece on what the sticking point is, and different ways to overcome the sticking point.

T-Nation listed explained The Science of Muscle Recovery: The Role of Active Recovery, what active and passive recovery is, why it is important and appropriate active recovery methods.

Breaking Muscle described how to Perfecting The Push-Up And Fixing The Common Faults, the correct technical execution, common technical flaws and how to correct them.

Shredded Sports Science asked Does Fat Help Win Fights? Discussing whether a higher percentage of body fat helps in combat sports. Looking at the different energy systems and how to train these energy systems. Check it out

Stack discussed

NASM described the different planes of movement including exercise examples for each plane in the article Sagittal, Frontal & Transverse Planes Explained (With Exercises).

Simplifaster explained

Robertson Training Systems showcased Training Trunk Rotations in your Push Ups, the importance of trunk rotation and how to train them in a push-up. Check it out

Calisthenicmovement listed 3 Stretches You Should Do Every Day, what I like about the selected stretches, that they target multiple muscle groups in one movement. Check it ou

The Bar Bend shared

Elite FTS shared

  • The Grand Unified Theory of Everything, an outline of different training methods and how to put all the pieces together.
  • Do Women Need To Train Differently Than Men? Interesting points on when training needs to be different for different genders, and when not. Check it out

Nutrition Articles

Picture Fit challenged a recent article which stated that Protein Shakes are Bad and can lead to health problems and depression. They looked a bit closer at the study and whether protein shakes are bad. Check it out

The Bar Bend asked

  • How Strength Athletes Can Structure Low and Medium Carb Cycling Days, what carb cycling is and what it does, the different food choices for the different days, and example meal plans.
  • Does Intermittent Fasting Affect Women Differently? Looking at different studies on the differences in intermittent fasting and its’ effect on weight loss between men and women and the influence on intermittent fasting on the hormonal status between the different sexes. Check it out gave a good overview of Carb Cycling for Fat Loss, how carb cycling works, and what it does. However, I would challenge the statement, that 10 years ago no one knew about carb cycling. I remember practicing it for myself in the year 2000. Check it out

The Strength Sensei discussed Is Fasting Right for Everyone? A nuanced discussion of who can benefit from fasting, and who shouldn’t fast.

Speed Training Articles

Juggernaut Training Systems released Speed Training Concepts with Les Spellman, a progression of speed training drills with the rational and explanation of the purpose of the exercises. Check it out

Olympic Lifting Articles

Aleksey Torokhtiy shared an Interview With Eduard Andrushkevich, giving insights into training an Olympic champion, training young athletes, how to detect talent and considerations for training the female athlete.

Catalystathletics outlined Starting Position for the Snatch & Clean, the stance, hip position, knee-width, and shoulder position in relation the bar. Check it out

Squat Articles

Breaking Muscle listed 5 Common Squat Problems And How To Fix Them, discussing squat depth, knee valgus and varus, lower back alignment and the forward lean.

Starting Strength explained Why We Low Bar Squat, whether you agree with Starting Strength’s adamant approach on Low Bar Squatting or not, I do like the way they use training principles and biomechanics to rationalize their approach. Check it out