Article recommendations week #22 2019

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #22 2019.

Strength Training Articles

Elite FTS shared

Dr. John Rusin listed The Top 4 Eccentric Training Techniques For Strength And Size, outlining the benefit of eccentrics and how to do them, and describing different eccentric training methods.

The Bar Bend released the Dumbbell Pullover Guide, outlining the technical key points, common mistakes, who should do DB Pullovers, and different variations.

Shredded Sports Science explained why Functional Fitness Needs Fixing, what most people portray as functional, and which one of those need fixing, and why most exercises are actually functional. Check it out

Simplifaster discussed How ‘Trainable’ Is VO2 Max Really? – A Case Study, the importance of the VO2 Max in team sport, why field testing matters (not only lab testing), and an applied case study.

Catalystathletics outlined the Programming’s Effect on Technique, the influence of exercise selection, the technical execution, and fatigue on technique.

Complementary Training released Training Chats with Israel and Mladen, discussing subjective ratings of effort, exertion,  and discomfort. Listen in, some interesting thoughts

YLM Sports Science outlined The Application Of Blood Flow Restriction, where to place the cuff, the right cuff pressure, and relevant practical application.

Breaking Muscle also explained how to get bigger legs using BFR (blood flow restriction) in the article Thick Thighs To Save Lives.

Tony Gentilcore explained how to identify the different layers of asymmetry and how they can relate to your performance in article Embrace Asymmetries For Improved Performance.

Stack explained Why Many Strength Coaches Consider Chin-Ups ‘The Squat of the Upper-Body, what the pull-up can do for you and why it’s one of the main upper body movements.

Youth Strength Training Articles

T-Nation shared a Tip: Should Kids Specialize In Sports? Another nail in the coffin for early specialization, but also outlining important considerations in the developmental journey of young athletes.

Nutrition Articles

The Bar Bend explained The Fascinating History of the Keto Diet, an interesting overview of the history of the keto diet.

Plyometric Training Articles

Stack shared The Simple Hack That Instantly Increases Your Vertical Jump, how to use an extrinsic goal to immediately increase your vertical jump.

Speed Training Articles

Simplifaster explained a process of Transforming Sprint Talent into Hurdlers and Jumpers, probably a bit track and field specific, however, I always like to see the thought process different people apply.

Olympic Lifting Articles

Aleksey Torokhtiy described the Snatch Basic Progression, a step-by-step outline to master the Snatch.

Catalystathletics outlined why the Elbows Out in the Snatch & Clean, how it facilitates a better 3rd pull, and stabilization over head, as well as describing the typical errors in the elbow rotation. Check it out

Starting Strength explained why You Need to Learn How to Power Clean, who the Power Clean is for, who needs to do it, and who should not do it. Check it out

Zack Tealander discussed if the Ass to Grass: A Necessary Evil, what mobility you need to get into the position, how to actually get into the position and how to train it. Check it out