Article recommendations week #22 2021

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #22 2021.

Strength Training Articles

T-Nation outlined the Best Training Methods for Pecs, Delts, and Biceps, how to optimize mechanical tension and metabolic stress to maximize gainz.

Jeremy Ethier explained how to Make More Gains, In Half the Time, using advanced training techniques. Check it out

Box Rox discussed

Barbell Shrugged described Why Morning Workouts Boost Metabolism and Burn Fat Faster. Check it out

Elite FTS discussed

  • High-Intensity In-Depth Bicep Beat Down by training the muscle in the lengthened, shortened and full-range position. Check it out
  • Jujimufu’s Training Split & How His Shoulders Got Huge, the training split and the thoughts behind it. Check it out

Generation Iron listed 4 Reasons You Should Have a Deload Week, what a deload is, why it is important and how to deload.

If you want to have a quick laugh, then Zack Telander played different roles If Strength Sports Were People. Check it out

The Bar Bend described The 6 Best Hamstring Exercises For Power, Muscle, And Health, the best exercises, its’ benefits, and how to do them.

Calisthenicmovement looked at The Push-Up Board, whether it’s a useful tool or just a waste of money. Check it out

FitnessVolt released Close Grip Dumbbell Press: Muscles Worked, How-To, Variations, and Tips, what the close-grip DB Press is, what it does for you and the correct technical execution.

Westside Barbell listed the Top 20 Most Asked Questions with Louie Simmons, outlining the different exercises and why they are Louie’s favorites. Check it out

The PTDC discussed How Big Is the Online Personal Training Industry? The size of the industry and whether there are chances to break into the industry.

Juggernaut Training Systems outlined Keys to Effective Training in just under a minute. Check it out

PEZ Cycling asked How Effective Are Ice Baths For Training Adaptations? What ice baths are and how they can help, and can’t help.

Stronger By Science discussed various topics on Beta-Alanine, Training Frequency, and Strength for Hypertrophy. Check it out

Fitness FAQ outlined The Perfect Plank Progression for stronger abs. Check it out

Stack reinforced The Importance of Positive Feedback, what feedback is, how to deliver feedback, and the importance of positive feedback.

Renaissance Periodization explained Preventing Muscle Loss On A Cut And Cardio Strategies. Check it out

Nutrition Articles

Breaking Muscle outlined How To Utilize Diet Periodization For Maximum Muscle, discussing goal setting for success, nutritional synergies, and important training considerations. Check it out

Men’s Health discussed supplements to support the keto diet in the article 7 Supplements Keto Dieters Should Consider Taking.

Barbell Shrugged listed Five Factors For Faster Fat Loss. Check it out

Stack discussed

Renaissance Periodization shared Dealing With Diet Difficulties during your fat loss journey, and how to get back on track. Check it out

Olympic Lifting Articles

Box Rox shared Push Press: How to Develop Explosive Strength and Power, the correct Push Press technique, key points of each technical phase, and Push Press benefits.

Juggernaut Training Systems asked How Should Weightlifters Train in the Off-Season? Quick and to the point. Check it out

Squat Articles

Box Rox listed the 5 Best Squat Variations To Build Strength and Muscle for Athletes, the different Squat variations and what they do for you.

Deadlift Articles

Squat University demonstrated The Best Accessory Lift To Pair With Squats And Deadlifts. Check it out

Starting Strength described A Better Deadlift Setup, simple and straightforward. Check it out