Article recommendations week #20 2019

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #20 2019.

Strength Training Articles

T-Nation shared The Truth About Rest-Pause Training, what rest-pause sets are, how they work, and what the science says.

Fitness FAQ listed Bodyweight Biceps Exercises: The 5 Best Calisthenics Exercises, outlining the different functions of the biceps, and a selection of bodyweight exercises that train the different functions of the biceps, as well as concentric, eccentric and isometric biceps training. Check it out

The Bar Bend listed

  • 4 Different Types of Workout Headphones (Pros and Cons), I never really thought about this too much, but this article is an interesting piece on the different type of equipment with each pros and cons.
  • a tutorial on Ab Rollout — Proper Form, Progressions, and Benefits, proper execution, progressions and regressions, benefits, common technical flaws and how to correct them. Check it out
  • all you need to know about the Close Grip Bench Press in the Close-Grip Bench Press Guide.
  • 3 Close-Grip Bench Press Mistakes and How to Fix Them, the close grip bench press is a very valuable exercise for everyone interested in a stronger bench, or gainz in the triceps, this article discusses the common technical errors with grip width, the bar path, and the elbow position, and how to fix them.
  • Dumbbell Bench Press — How-To, Muscles Worked, and More! Different ways to set-up, the correct technical execution, the unique benefits of the DB Bench Press and exercise variations. Check it out

Simplifaster explained

Elite FTS discussed different personality types and How to Coach Based on Personality Type.

Calisthenicmovement discussed Calisthenics & Weights – Workout Guide For Each Muscle Group, the pro’s and cons of calisthenic movements, but also outlining the bottlenecks of free weight, as well as bodyweight movements. Check it out

YLM Sports Science outlined listed 7 Old-School Strength Treasures You Wish Your Gym Had, not sure whether some of the equipment is really that useful, but definitely an interesting selection.

Breaking Muscle discussed

Nutrition Articles explained These Are the Best Diets for Your Poop, According to Nutritionists, a short and good overview of the most popular diets, and what they do for you, or don’t do for you.

The Bar Bend outlined Keto Diet for Beginners – Fat Loss, Sample Menu, and Brain Health, what ketosis is, how you can measure it, typical macronutrient distribution, sample meals and the influence of keto on fat loss and brain health. Check it out

The Athletic Built shared a Morning Recovery Drink Review, what morning recovery drinks are, what they do, the ingredients, and different products.

Plyometric Training Articles

Simplifaster listed The 3 Cardinal Sins of Horizontal Jumping, important considerations for long jumpers.

Speed Training Articles

Tony Gentilcore explained how to Diagnose Limiting Factors In Speed Development, outlining the 4 key areas for speed development, how to assess each area, and how to finally put the pieces together.

Robertson Training Systems outlined Long-Term Athletic Development Applications To Speed Training, outlining the concept of sensitive phases, and how these sensitive phases apply to the sub-factors related to speed development.

Olympic Lifting Articles

Zack Telander shared Q and A with Max and Zack, discussing footwork, squat volume and intensity, correct back position during Squats and Olympic lifts, the importance of training age, getting a coach or not,

Crossfit explained the technical key points of The Dumbbell Squat Snatch, the DB Snatch is a very valuable alternative for athletes, that can either be used as an alternative to the regular Snatch, or as a variation to work the upper body uni-laterally. Check out this short tutorial

Squat Articles

Matthew Jones described One Easy Technique to Squat More Weight, I am not fully convinced, whether the cue of actively pulling yourself into the hole works for everyone, however, I think it’s an interesting outline, and there are certainly people who can benefit from it. Check it out

Crossfit explained the technical key points of The Single-Leg Squat, everything you need to know in less than a minute. Check it out