Article recommendations week #20 2024

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #20 2024.

Articles & Videos

Stronger By Science asked Is Periodization Key for Maximum Muscle Growth? Looking at the science of supporting a periodized approach to maximize your gainz.

Garage Strength discussed the Perfect Rep Range To Build Athletic Muscle, what athletic muscle is and how to best train for it.

Wolf Coaching shared The Smartest Workout for Fat Loss based on science.

Dr. Layne Norton explained

  • Why Energy Drinks Cause Brain Damage
  • The relative importance of Food Order Help To Control Blood Sugar. and Insulin

Westside Barbell discussed Training Athletes, how to approach individualization, injury prevention, and the importance of feedback loops.

The Movement System outlined Build Wrist Tendon Strength in 5 Minutes.

Matt McInnes Watson asked Are Plyometric Progression Overrated? Criticising the common approach, and how to approach plyometric training.

Garage Strength explained Why Athletes Should Train Zercher Exercises, what Zercher exercises are, the benefits, and how to incorporate them into a training program.

Iron Culture Podcast asked Do Hardgainers Need More Volume? The importance of a high-caloric diet, training volume, and practical application for coaches.

Workout of the Week

This week’s workout of the week featured a 6-Day High-Frequency Hypertrophy Workout to build strength and maximize power through contrast training.