Article recommendations week #20 2022

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #20 2022.

Strength Training Articles

T-Nation asked Partial Rep Arm Workout: Better Than Full Range? Looking at a study comparing full reps vs partial reps.

Fitness & Power explained How to Use Controlled Overtraining for Muscle Growth, what overtraining is, what adaptability is, and how to use it for your gainz.

Generation Iron asked What Determines How Much Fat You Burn During A Workout? What influences the fat metabolism and best practices to accelerate it. Check it out

Broscience discussed

Men’s Health described How You Bench Press Should Depend on Your Goals. Here’s How to Choose Your Approach, how to adjust the Bench Press based on your goal to increase strength or to build muscle mass.

Sika Strength reviewed some training footage of Matthew Richardson – The Most Powerful Cyclist? Check it out

Elite FTS shared

  • Solving the Conditioning Paradox, how bigger athletes tend to lack condition and what to do against it.
  • You Don’t Understand Conjugate! What the basics of conjugate sequencing are. Check it out

The Strength Sensei listed Six Simple Tips to Stay Lean, simple and straightforward. outlined

Stronger By Science asked Do you really need to balance your “pushing” and “pulling” volume? Pushing and pulling ratios have been discussed and popularized for some years. Check out if there’s anything behind it

YLM Sports Science discussed Concurrent Training And The Acute Interference Effect On Strength: How Can It Be Reduced. Check it out

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Garage Strength listed the Top 7 Calisthenics Exercises For Strength, the best exercises, and what they do for you. Check it out

The Bar Bend explained

8 Weeks Out outlined How to Improve Your Conditioning, listing the main 3 components to improve conditioning.

FitnessFAQs described

  • How To Fix Pain From Push-Ups, where shoulder pain most often comes from, and how to fix it. Check it out
  • Why You Should Train Like A Gymnast, the benefits of gymnastic training. Check it out

Bonvec Strength listed 5 Reasons Why Your Bench Press Might be Stalling, and what to do against it.

Renaissance Periodization shared

  • Harder Cardio Equals A Leaner Body, discussing whether harder training beats lower intensity training. Check it out

Nutrition Articles discussed Fueling During Your Menstrual Cycle, the different types of food to consume during the different phases of the menstrual cycle. Check it out

Biolayne outlined

  • Breaking Research on Intermittent Fasting with Shocking Results, looking at recent research behind intermittent fasting, when to consider intermittent fasting, and when not. Check it out
  • Is Milk Good For You, the ever-presented question of is milk good or bad. Check it out

Stronger By Science asked Should you worry about “fast proteins” post-workout and “slow proteins” pre-bed? Do the different absorption rates of protein really do matter? Check out it

Olympic Lifting Articles

Lift Big Eat Big compared Muscle Snatch vs. Power Snatch: What’s The Difference? The difference between the two, which one to use when, and variations of both lifts.

Catalyst Athletics asked Full Grip in the Clean Turnover? Is a full grip necessary, how much open grip is acceptable, and how to work toward a full grip. Check it out

Squat Articles

Eugene Teo demonstrated the original Hack Squat, and what it’s supposed to do. Check it out

Renaissance Periodization shared some training impressions Training To Break Tom Platz’s 525lb Squat AMRAP Record. Check it out

  • check out the Squat record they are referring to

Squat University discussed Bulgarian Split Squat Modification, the benefits of additionally elevating the front foot. Check it out

Deadlift Articles

Squat University shared

  • The Ultimate RDL (Romanian Deadlift) Tutorial . Check it out

Shameless Plug

I have shared Maximum Strength Training Program Design, discussing how to successfully design a maximum strength training program, how to apply the main training variables to increase maximum strength and most importantly, what makes the difference between a maximum strength training program and a maximum strength training workout. Check it out