Article recommendations week #20 2020

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #20 2020.

Strength Training Articles

Renaissance Periodization listed 8 Barbell Curl Mistakes and How to Fix Them, the most common technical flaws, and how to correct them. Check it out

Power Athlete HQ explained

YLM Sports Science shared Mental Imagery And Imagined Contractions Can Help You Maintain Strength, the benefits of mental imagery on performance. Check it out discussed Stress, Relaxation, and Sleep Explained, outlining sympathetic and parasympathetic activation, the stages of a sleep cycle, the influence of blue light and supplements. Check it out

Men’s Health asked How Long You Should Actually Hold a Plank, interestingly the research suggests that there is a sweet spot and at a certain duration it becomes counterproductive.

Breaking Muscle explained Practical Applications For Periodization Theory, the different periodization models outlined, and the practical application of these models. discussed The Seven-Day Training Paradigm, looking at the principle of adaptation and questioning, whether the 7-day week is the most ideal planning option.

Shredded Sports Science asked Is Joe Rogan’s Fitness Advice Legit? Taking a critical look at the advice from Joe Rogan. Check it out

The Bar Bend shared

Elite FTS shared

  • 11 Medicine Ball Exercises to Improve GPP, what GPP (general physical preparedness) is, why it is important, and how medicine ball drills can help during the GPP.
  • The Mental Aspect of Powerlifting, why the mental aspect is important and how to train it, not only for Powerlifting. Check it out

Nutrition Articles explained why There’s no such thing as bad food.’

Jeremy Ethier asked How Soon After A Workout Should You Eat To Build Muscle? Discussing the ‘anabolic window’ and what the recent science says about when to eat after a workout. Check it out

Olympic Lifting Articles

Aleksey Torokhtiy shared impressions from his weightlifting seminar In Italy. Check it out

Squat University released The Ultimate Power Clean Tutorial, the technical phases of the Power Clean. Check it out

Squat Articles

Muscle & Fitness showed 5 Tips For The Squat, important considerations to get the most out of your Squat.

BoxRox listed 8 Effective Squat Secrets for CrossFit and Strength Athletes, from increasing squat volume, squatting with tempo and different squat variations.

Tony Gentilcore discussed Goblet Squat variations for different training goals in the article 4 Maybe New To You Goblet Squat Variations.

Deadlift Articles

Juggernaut Training Systems listed 4 Keys to a Better Deadlift, outlining the key points in the different technical phases.

The Bar Bend outlined The Historic Road To The First 1000-Pound Deadlift, a historic overview of the development of the Deadlift records.

Elite FTS shared Death By Deadlift, some impressive Deadlifts. Check it out