Article recommendations week #2 2022

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #2 2022.

Strength Training Articles

Stack explained how to Max Your Muscle Gain With These Essential 8-Tip, by focussing on the fundamentals of gaining muscle mass.

Picture Fit asked How Important is Sleep for Weight Loss? An often underestimated factor in your weight loss journey is sleep. Check it out

The Conversation had a critical look at training to failure and why it might not be the best way to train in the article ‘Training to failure’: debunking claims this popular weightlifting technique is the most effective for building muscle and strength.

Athlean X shared The Best Triceps Pushdown Variation, and why your grip matters.

Fitness FAQ demonstrated The Best Abs Exercise You’re Not Doing! The Roll-out including regressions and progressions. Check it out

Men’s Health discussed why dropping the Barbell Bench Press from your program can make you stronger in the article I Quit the Barbell Bench Press—and It Made Me Way Stronger.

Lift Big Eat Big listed 5 Lat Pulldown Alternatives Without Machines, the best alternatives and how to do them.

Garage Strength outlined Secrets Of Soviet Strength Training, discussing the origins of the soviet training, its’ structure and elements, and what you can learn from it. Check it out

Lifehacker asked What Is Powerlifting, and How Do You Get Into It? A simple straightforward outline of the sport of Powerlifting.

Power Athlete shared  Legendary Coach Dan Pfaff On His Philosophy and Why Curiosity Matters. Check it out

The Bar Bend released a 6-step approach on how to get started in the gym in the article The Beginner’s Guide To The Gym.

Stack showed a framework of movement education for gymnastics and how to apply it to the physical preparation in the article Applying Movement Framework For Athletes.

Youth Strength Training Articles

Stack asked the question of all questions that parents should ask themselves How To Become A Better Sports Parent? And outlined 10 points of attention.

Nutrition Articles

The Bar Bend released The Complete Guide To Reverse Dieting, what a reverse diet is, and isn’t, the benefits of reverse dieting, and how to do it.

Renaissance Periodization discussed if You Must Cut Carbs to Lose Body Fat, the role of carbs in the weight loss process and how to manage carb intake to loose weight. Check it out

Insider outlined how vegetarians can get enough protein in the article I’m a vegetarian who works out a lot and wants to build muscle. How do I make sure I’m getting enough protein?

Stronger By Science discussed What’s The Lowest Protein Intake Someone Could Eat While Still Building Muscle, most often the optimal or maximal amount is discussed, so interesting to her the minimum amount. Check it out

Squat Articles

T-Nation asked Have You Mastered All 4 Squats Levels? How to progress your squat.

Juggernaut Training Systems outlined the Best Exercises To Improve Your Squat in less than a minute. Check it out

Catalystathletics released a few Squat demonstration videos

  • the Hatfield Squat
  • the Clean-Grip Overhead Squat
  • the 1-Arm Overhead Cossack Squat
  • the 1-Arm Bulgarian Split Squat

Facebook friendly reminded me of an impressive feat of strength from one of my former athletes, triple Olympian Twan van Gendt, performing a Bulgarian Split Squat with 200 kg. Check it out

Deadlift Articles

Squat University explained How to Keep Your Back From Rounding When Deadlifting, one of the most common problems when Deadlifting and how to avoid it. Check it out

Barbell Shrugged released a few Deadlift demonstration videos

  • the 321 Snatch Deadlift
  • the 321 Clean Deadlift
  • the 3 Part Pause Snatch Deadlift
  • the 3 Part Pause Clean Deadlift