Article recommendations week #19 2021

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #19 2021.

Strength Training Articles

Generation Iron asked Struggling to Build Muscle? Here’s Why Your Muscle Fiber Type is Important, discussing different body types, different muscle fiber types, and the implications for your potential to build muscle mass.

Stronger By Science asked Should You Use Bands Or Chains For Hypertrophy? What bands and chains do, and how they can potentially help. Check it out shared

  • 5 Big Reasons Your Chest Isn’t Growing, common mistakes, and how to fix them.
  • Engage Your Back Muscles with This Lat Pull-Down Tip, how to use your shoulder blades to engage the lats to a greater extend. Check it out
  • how to use Yoga for recovery, and a flow of 9 poses. Check it out

T-Nation shared The Single Most Neglected Part of Training, the influence of rest periods on training results.

Juggernaut Training Systems discussed Keys to Effective Training and the principle of specificity. Check it out

Elite FTS explained How to Build Every Angle of your Core, the directions of stabilization and how to use loaded carries as one exercise of choice. Check it out

Starting Strength discussed The Measure Of A Good Coach, what is the measure of a good coach. Check it out

Power Athlete HQ discussed Spine Rounding, Jefferson Curls, and Back Pain Programming, spinal flexion is a heatedly debated topic, here Power Athlete HQ gives their take on it. Check it out

Renaissance Periodization shared

  • the evergreen discussion of Lifting vs Cardio, what does what, how to combine the two, possible interferences, and best practices. Check it out
  • Counting Volumes, why you need to count volumes, how to count, and different options of quantifying your training volume. Check it out
  • How to build a follow-up training program, after you have built and executed your first program, discussing exercise selection, reps and sets, and how to plan progressions. Check it out

Nutrition Articles shared The Best Creatine Supplements of 2021, the criteria for choosing the right creatine supplement and a list of the best ones.

Aleksey Torokhtiy asked How Much Salt Does A Weightlifter Need? The role of salt, importance of salt for athletes and recommended salt intake.

T-Nation discussed the thermic effect of protein, carbs and fat in the article Tip: The Thermic Effect of Every Macronutrient.

Renaissance Periodization explained how to Choose Meal Size and Timing, the importance of meal planning and meal prep, the ideal daily meal number, the right macros per meal, and example meals. Check it out

Plyometric Training Articles

The Bar Bend discussed the Best Plyometric Boxes For Building Explosive Power, the best boxes including pros and cons, and who should choose which of them.

Olympic Lifting Articles

Catalystathletics shared 1-minute Clean Tutorial, all technical key points outlined in 1 minute. Check it out

Squat Articles

T-Nation shared a Tip: Low-Bar vs. High-Bar Squats, the differences between the two, the pros and cons of each squat variation, and which one to choose for which body type.

Juggernaut Training Systems listed 4 Tips to Improve Front Squat, discussing breathing and bracing, the front rack position, the right foot position, and descending and maintaining position. Check it out

The Box Rox listed 8 Squat Secrets CrossFit Athletes Should Use to Improve Their Lifts, different squat considerations, and why you should do them.

Livestrong outlined the most common Bulgarian Split Squat mistakes and how to fix them in the article 4 Mistakes Making Your Bulgarian Split Squats Way Less Effective — and Potentially Painful.

Barbell Shrugged listed the Keys to Crushing Front Squats, the benefits of the Front Squat, and how to execute it correctly. Check it out

Deadlift Articles

Squat University discussed Back Rounding When Deadlifting, what to keep in mind, and what to avoid. Check it out

Starting Strength demanded Stop Making Your Shins Bleed During the Deadlift, the 2 reasons why you get your chins bleeding. Check it out