Article recommendations week #18 2019

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #18 2019.

Strength Training Articles

T-Nation shared Stop Doing That, Start Doing This! They have asked experienced strength coaches if they’d have to cut something out of their training and lifestyle and have to keep something in, what would it be?

Four Two Four looked Inside Ajax: how to become the world’s greatest talent factory, an interesting outline of how the club works, and the priorities they set.

The Bar Bend shared

Power Athlete HQ listed the steps if you Want it All: Your Nutrition and Training Goals, and what you need to consider.

Fitness FAQ outlined the most common mistakes of weighted calisthenics, what are the common mistakes and how to correct them or even avoid them. Check it out

Simplifaster explained How to Use a School Combine to Promote Your Sport, how a school hosted a combine event to connect different sports and disciplines.

Starting Strength explained How to Set Up Your Power Rack with Grant Broggi, a really good overview of how to set up the rack for the squat and the bench press. Check it out

YLM Sports Science discussed Sleep Or Swim, an interesting study showing the effect of early morning training sessions on sleep duration, hence early morning sessions lead to less sleep duration. Interestingly the conclusion is that early morning session with the consequent reduction of sleep time might not be effective. I wonder, why the conclusion is not if you have early morning sessions, you’d better adjust your lifestyle so that you get enough sleep.

Elite FTS shared how to Scale Up Your Personal Training Business With 2:1 Session, an interesting piece of how to combine 2 clients into 1 session to create a win-win situation.

The Stylist listed the advice of 6 female trainers on why strength training is so good for women, nothing really new or advanced, but some good and straight forward arguments.

Jeff Nippard shared Advanced Training Techniques: Supersets, Eccentrics, Dropsets, High Volume ft. Dr. Brad Schoenfeld, an interesting chat about common topics on muscular hypertrophy. Check it out

Nutrition Articles

The Athletic Build compared the Best Hangover Supplements on the Market, not that I would advise using such a supplement as an excuse to drink, however, it’s interesting to see, which ingredients affect the symptoms of a hangover, and how they are combined in different supplements.

The Bar Bend asked What Is the Vertical Diet? Explaining the concept of the vertical, what are vertical diet foods, and what are foods to avoid, and most importantly, why it works. explained How to Take Creatine: Clearing Up the Confusion! Answering questions of when, how much, loading or not, but also explaining the most important part of the equation, consistency.

Ironman shared the potential benefits of Keto for the Endurance Athlete, what Keto can potentially do and why, and when to use it.

Speed & Agility Training Articles

Stack discussed Why Forcing ‘Better’ Biomechanics on Athletes Doesn’t Always Make Sense, why a textbook technique and super-imposed movement mechanics don’t always lead to better results.

Simplifatser outlined important considerations to choose the right timing system for you and your own needs in the article How to Choose the Right Sports Timing System.

Olympic Lifting Articles

Power Athlete HQ shared Weightlifter Training Holes, the unique challenges of the sports Olympic Weightlifting, and how to address these challenges.

Catalystathletics explained how to Find Your Pulling Stance for the Snatch & Clean, the purpose of the pulling stance, how stance with and toe out angle influences the pulling mechanics and the differences for lifters with different body heights. Check it out

Juggernaut Training System shared Programming for Weightlifting | Training Load, defining what training load is, how to combine the training load with different exercise selection, guidelines of training loads dependant on chronological age, traning age, gender, body dimensions, how to determine and monitor training load, and common errors in training load management. Check it out

Deadlift Articles

Robertson Training Systems explained How to Single Leg RDL, the benefits of  the SL RDL, and the main technical keypoints. Check it out

The Bar Bend shared

  • 3 Common Deadlift Errors and How to Fix them, discussing the knee valgus, hips shooting and the grip. Check it out
  • Converse Chuck Taylor Review — Best Deadlift Shoe Ever? Why a flat shoe like the Chuck is a the preferred choice for deadlifts, the history of the Chuck, and  the unique benefits of the Chuck. Check it out, or better Chuk it out

Personal Trainer Collective outlined How To Deadlift? The Best Deadlift Tutorial On YouTube, discussing the basic underlying biomechanics, ideal stance width, the set-up, movement initiation, the correct movement pattern of the deadlift, variations of the deadlift due to body dimensions, and common technical flaws and how to fix them. Check it out