Article recommendations week #17 2019

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #17 2019.

Strength Training Articles

Men’s Health explained How to Use Drop Sets for More Muscle Gains, drop sets can be an effective training intervention, however, use it with care and program for it, otherwise it can quickly turn into an overkill and ruin your gainz.

Picture Fit discussed Does Cardio Kill Your Gains? Looking at the general differences between cardio and resistance training, what the latest research says and how to apply these findings to training, so that you can benefit from cardio training without hurting your gainz. Check it out

Shrugged Collective listed 3 Steps to Increase Your Bench Press, a combination of training tips from a bench press world champions, and the use of technology. Check it out

T-Nation shared

The Bar Bend discussed

  • the Dumbbell Row, the purpose and benefits of the DB Row, the set-up, exercise execution, common technical flaws, and program considerations. Check it out
  • how to Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone, what testosterone is, and how it can benefit your training progress, looking at the latest research on techniques / interventions to increase testosterone. Check it out

Psychology compared the effect of positive consequences vs negative consequences on the results of motivation and performance in the article Are Positive Consequences as Motivating as Negative Ones?

Starting Strength discussed Exercise Selection, the principles, and criteria for how starting strength selects exercises. Simple, but very good advice. Check it out

Calisthenicmovement outlined the principles of leg training in calisthenics, how to select exercises and group exercises, typical technical flaws of the most common calisthenics leg exercises. Check it out explained why you need to Train Your Posterior Chain for Better, Safer Gains.

Breaking Muscle described Shoulder Work: Self-Assessment And Development, the anatomy of the shoulder, how to assess it, and appropriate interventions. Check it out

Simplifaster shared Just a Coach in the Strength and Conditioning Profession, the lessons learned from a strength & conditioning coach. Also, check out the lessons learned from

Dr. John Rusin listed The Top 6 Breathing Drills to Reduce Stress and Optimize Performance, a great outline of how breathing affects the parasympathetic nervous system, and sympathetic nervous system, and how breathing interventions can help to activate the desired nervous system.

Stronger By Science outlined interesting study results, how the expectancy of results influences short-term and long-term outcomes in the article Genetics-Based Expectations Affect Your Physiology.

The PTDC listed The Best Books for Personal Trainers, the best books on different topics, such as training, nutrition, business development, marketing and much more, not only for personal trainers.

Elite FTS shared

  • Alwyn Cosgrove’s Rest-Pause Program, what rest-pause sets are, how to use them, the effective modulation of intensity, and example programs.
  • the Reverse Grip Bench Press 101, what the reverse grip bench press is, how to set-up for it, exercises execution, and when to use it. Check it out

Nutrition Articles

T-Nation shared The Bulking and Cutting Handbook, 4 very important and useful considerations when attempting to gain weight or lose weight. listed 5 Brain-Boosting Nootropic Supplements, outlining 5 supplements, how they can help and improve sports performance, and how to combine certain supplements. Check it out

Fitness & Power explained Everything you need to know about lactose and lactose intolerance, what it is, the most common symptoms and what to do against it.

Speed Training Articles

American Football International took a deep dive into speed, what it is, why it matters and how to effectively develop it in the article The Truth About Athlete Speed in the NFL.

Squat Articles

The Bar Bend listed Two of the Most Popular Squat Cues That Need a Rethink, outlining a good rationale for re-thinking these cues, however, I believe ina certain context they can still be useful.

Olympic Lifting Articles

Simplifaster busted The Myth of Triple Extension, a detailed outline challenging the common belief that the Olympic lifts involve a triple extension.

Catalystathletics explained how to Fix the Hips Shooting Up in the Snatch & Clean, the different reasons why the hip shift happens and how to fix it. Check out the additional explainer video

Power Athlete HQ shared an outline how to prepare for your first weightlifting competition in the article Weightlifting Competition Coaching For The Novice Coach.

Aleksey Torokhtiy outlined

  • the relation between Weightlifting & Speed, the different speed qualities, the speed quality required for weightlifting, and how to train for it.
  • the Snatch Overhead Position, a good explanation of the correct overhead position and why. Check it out

Juggernaut Training System shared Programming for Weightlifting | Exercise Selection & Sequencing, outlining what exercise selection is and what exercise sequencing is, and how it applies to the different training periods. Check it out

Deadlift Articles

Zack Telander discussed The Deadlift for Olympic Weightlifting, well should this video be under the Deadlifting category or olympic lifting category? I don’t really know, however, it provides a good outline of what the deadlift is, how to execute the deadlift, and ultimately the necessary adjustments you need to make for the sport of weightlifting, and when to train the deadlift. Check it out