Article recommendations week #16 2022

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #16 2022.

Strength Training Articles

T-Nation listed 3 Reasons to Re-Think Training to Failure, why training to failure might not be the best idea for your gainz.

Stronger By Science discussed

The Bar Bend outlined outlined Strengthening the Overhead Press, the importance of sufficient shoulder mobility and trunk strength. Check it out

YLM Sports Science presented the Effects Of Alternating Unilateral Vs. Bilateral Resistance Training On Performance In Trained Endurance Athletes. Check it out

Fitness FAQ’s showed the 10 Most Difficult Push-Ups. Check it out

Generation Iron asked Can You Spot Reduce Stubborn Body Fat With This Science-Backed Technique? The ever-present question of spot reduction. Check it out

Breaking Muscle described

Juggernaut Training Systems outlined The Role of Unilateral Training in less than a minute. Check it out

Bonvec Strength discussed Autoregulation, what it is, the use of the RPE (rate of perceived exertion) and RIR (reps in reserve) to autoregulate your training.

Elite FTS shared

  • Why Should You Be Using Thick Bars & Bands, the benefits of thick bars and bands, and how to best use them. Check it out
  • The Best Advice Louie Simmons ever Gave Dave Tate. Check it out
  • The Secret Benefit of the Dynamic Effort Method, what the Dynamic Effort Method is and what it does for you. Check it out

Lift Big Eat Big listed The Best Hamstring Exercises For Beginners, the anatomy and function of the hamstrings, the best exercises and training program considerations.

Power Athlete demonstrated how to Push The Limits Of The Overhead Press. Check it out

The Strength Sensei explained

Renaissance Periodization outlined

  • Use Your Mind-Muscle Connection For Better Growth, what the mind-muscle connection is and how to use it. Check it out
  • Why Unstable Training Doesn’t Work, unstable surface training is heatedly discussed in this video. Check it out

Nutrition Articles

Power Athlete discussed Raw Vs Cooked Meat, what is the difference between cooked meat vs raw meat, and which is the better choice. Check it out

Generation Iron discussed The Biggest Mistake To Avoid When Using Creatine, what you need to avoid when supplementing creatine. Check it out

Biolayne discussed if Meat Will Give You Cancer, the results of a recent study, and how to interpret the results. Check it out

Speed Training Articles

Garage Strength explained

  • Do This To Get Faster Sprint Speed! How to increase your sprint speed.  Check it out
  • The Top 5 Strength Exercises For Speed in less than a minute. Check it out

Squat Articles

Squat University shared

  • Huge Squat Mistake & How To Fix It. Check it out
  • Pre-Squat Warm-Up Drill To Improve Mobility. Check it out

Deadlift Articles

T-Nation listed 5 Deadlift Variations You’ve Never Even Tried, some unconventional Deadlift variations and what they can do for you. Also check out the additional explainer video

Shameless Plug

I have released

  • What is Strength Training, discussing what strength is, a definition of strength, what strength training is, and an example of strength training. Check it out
  • Different Types of Strength Training, discussing the different types of strength and its’ definitions, the most common types of strength training, and the concept of goal-specific strength training. Check it out
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