Article recommendations week #16 2021

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #16 2021.

Strength Training Articles

Fitness Volt shared the Ultimate Bro-Split Guide, what bro-splits are, benefits and drawback, when to use it, alternatives and much more.

T-Nation outlined

Broscience released an old Interview With Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1975 On Bodybuilding, old but gold.

Generation Iron listed 4 Overrated Exercises For Hypertrophy, the overrated exercise and what you can do instead.

Elite FTS shared

  • What Do Athletes Really Need? How to assess an athlete’s needs and train them correctly.
  • 9 Pull-up Tweaks for a Bigger Squat, Bench & Deadlift, simple and straightforward advice. Check it out

Inverse explained Why Weight Lifters Need To Pay More Attention To Their Feet, the importance of foot strength, and how to train your feet.

Juggernaut Training Systems outlined 5 Tips To Improve Your Bench Press, the correct rack height, finding the correct position on the bench, squeezing the bar, stacking the arms, and the leg drive. Check it out

Speed Endurance listed My Top 7 Circuit Training Workouts, the circuits outlined, the total work for each workout and the necessary work to rest ratio for each circuit.

FitnessFAQs demonstrated How To Dragon Flag, a tutorial including beginner variations and advanced variations. Check it out

Stronger by Science discussed

  • Calculating Volume For Hypertrophy, discussing the different options to calculating volume, and practical applications of calculating volume. Check it out
  • the topics Testosterone Boosters, Sticking Points, and Bar Velocity Technology. Listen in presented One-Rep Max Calculator: Target Max Strength Goals, calculating your 1RM and how to use it for training.

The PTDC listed 7 Habits of Highly Successful Online Personal Trainers, not only for personal trainers.

Stack described The Foundation On Becoming Mentally Tough, the components that make up mental toughness, and how to influence them.

Calisthenicmovement How to Increase Your Push-Ups In Just 30-Days! Demonstrating different push-up variations and training programs to increase your push-ups. Check it out

The PTDC discussed How To Build An Online Business When You’re Tech Illiterate,  the basics of building an online business, why unnecessary complexity can stifle your business, how to utilize existing tech platforms, and when to take the leap and level up. Check it out

PEZ Cycling News outlined the importance of skill development aligned with your strength training practice in the article How To Add Skill To Your Strength Training.

Train Heroic took a deep dive into Home Gym Training, what makes a good home gym, and how to design a home gym. Check it out

Renaissance Periodization shared

  • Nucleus Overload Training, what nucleus overload training is, the potential benefits, and how to use it. Check it out
  • Building Your First Program Video And Choosing Weight and Reps, the best rep range to get started, how challenging the training sets should be, warm-up considerations, and a sample plan. Check it out

Nutrition Articles

Fitness & Power outlined Why Casein is a Great Protein Source, what casein is, the benefits of casein, and how to use it.

Jeremy Ethier explained how to Eat Twice As Much, Keep Calories The Same, discussing the energy density of different food choices and how to make smart decisions. Check it out

Stronger By Science discussed Modest Glycogen Depletion May Impact Lifting Performance More Than You Think, how much glycogen is depleted in a regular workout, and the impact on your training.

Renaissance Periodization described the steps to Standardizing Your Caloric Intake. Check it out explained the importance of carbohydrates during your training session in the article Your Guide to Intra-Workout Carbs.

Stack asked Which Energy Bars Are The Best, often asked questions around energy bars answered.

Breaking Muscle released Nutrition for Muscle Building, discussing total calories, macro- and mirconutrients, food composition, supplements, and nutritional periodization. Check it out

Science For Sports asked Are Sports Drink Good For Athletes, looking at the recent research on this topic.

Shredded Sports Science reviewed The New Muscle Building Supplement Arachidonic Acid and why you don’t need it. Check it out

Olympic Lifting Articles

Catalystathletics shared 1-Minute Snatch Tutorial, outlining the technical key points of each phase of the Snatch. Check it out

Starting Strength explained Racking the Power Clean, what the rack position is, how to achieve a good rack position and a ‘circus stunt’ to learn the correct rack position. Check it out

Squat Articles

Squat University explained How to Box Squat, the dos, and don’ts of the Box Squat. Check it out