Article recommendations week #16 2020

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #16 2020.

Strength Training Articles

Shredded Sports Science explained How Do Muscles Grow? Explaining muscle physiology, how muscle growth is stimulated, the different forms of hypertrophy, and . Check it out listed 3 Keys to Building Mass Without Adding Body Fat, nothing fancy, just simple straightforward advice.

T-Nation shared a Tip: The Real Way to Nail Your Lower Abs, an interesting and smart variation, as it attacks the abs from the proximal as well as the distal end. Check it out

Dr.John Rusin released The 50 Most Effective Push Up Variations For Size & Strength, the basic push-up technique, and different variations for different training goals.

Juggernaut Training Systems discussed the relation between Muscle Damage & Muscle Growth, do you need muscle damage for muscles to grow? Check it out

The Bar Bend shared

Fitness Volt listed 12 Must-Do Kettlebell Exercises For Hypertrophy, Strength and Function, the best exercises, what they do and how to perform them.

Robbertson Training Systems outlined How to Modify Your Training as You Age, an interesting outline how training can change over the years. Check it out

Elite FTS discussed

  • Constraints: How to Use Them, what constraints are, and how to use these constraint for you.
  • the use of The elitefts G3 45 Degree Back Raise and 5 Exercises You Can Do, different exercises you can do on a 45 degree Back Extension machine. Check it out
  • Why Ed Coan Retired From Powerlifting After 28 Years, the legendary Ed Coan outlines why he retired. Check

Stack asked What Soccer Players Need for Physical and Mental Programming During COVID-19, discussing the different physical qualities soccer players need and how to train them during this period.

Red Bull listed 13 of the best Instagram accounts to follow for serious training inspo, an interesting read and some cool profiles of athletes.

Renaissance Periodization shared

  • 11 Upright Row Mistakes and How to Fix Them, the most common mistakes and how to fix them. Check it out
  • Peaking and Tapering for Sport, what is a taper, the different benefits of a taper, how to taper, and the most important considerations. Check it out

Nutrition Articles

Picture Fit warned to be aware of the One Thing to Watch Out For While Being at Home! Guess what it is, snacking. Why we snack, the estimated extra calories from snacking, and snacking options. Check it out

Speed Training Articles

Speed Endurance shared Best Practice Sprint Training Recommendations based on an Infographic from YLM Sports Science and how to put the information into practice.

Olympic Lifting Articles

Starting Strength shared Power Clean Series Part 5 – Adding Plates and Tying it All Together, how to put the pieces of the first 4 parts together, bringing the bar to the ground, after mastering the different hang positions, and catching and racking the bar. Check it out

Shape explained How to Perfect Each Type of Snatch You’ll Do In CrossFit, a simple and straightforward outline of the different Snatch variation, how to perform each of them and how to apply them to your training.

Catalystathletics discussed Leaving Your Coach, a sensitive topic discussed, what are reasons to leave, and what shouldn’t be reasons. How to approach and manage the process of leaving the coach.. Check it out

Aleksey Torokhtiy followed up on East week’s post on the The Snatch Turnover Theory with a practical approach to the Snatch Turnover Practice.

Squat Articles

Squat University reviewed Versalifts V2 Heel Lift, the benefits, and who should use it and who shouldn’t. Check it out