Article recommendations week #15 2019

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #15 2019.

Strength Training Articles

Tony Gentilcore explained How To Optimize Your Training For Maximal Hypertrophy, the importance of training splits, rep ranges, exercise selection, working smarter not harder, and the importance of stimulation, not annihilation.

Breaking Muscle described how to Bridge The Gap Between Strength And Hypertrophy, discussing what is the two, and how to train both qualities simultaneously.

Jeff Nippard released How To Fix The Upright Row: Avoid Shoulder Pain & Maximize Growth, the muscular activation of the upright row, considerations for shoulder safety, upright row variations and  typical technical flaws people do when upright rowing. Check it out

Elite FTS discussed How Strong is Strong Enough? The ever-present question of how strong do you need to be, and looking at this question from different angles.

Calisthenicmovement listed 3 Flexibility Hacks No One Talks About, simple and effective ways to increase your flexiility. Check it out

The Bar Bend shared 5 Best Upper Body Exercises for Mass, the requirements to gain muscle mass, and the best exercises for the main upper body muscle groups. released

  • 12 Exercises For Bigger Powerlifts, 2 editors share their favorite assistant exercises to increase the main lifts.
  • Fix Your Warm Up, why the warm-up needs to be intentional, questions to ask for a successful warm-up, and different warm-up variations based on your training goal, and areas of improvements. Check it out

Stack listed 6 Tips for Coaching a Difficult Player, the challenges you can encounter with challenging athletes, and how to solve them.

Train Heroic outlined New Athlete Profiles: Every Rep Counts, an example of how to monitor and track your training, and the possible adjustments, based on the tracking.

Power Athlete HQ discussed one of the most fundamental training principle, the overload principle, and how to practically apply it in the article Gen Pop Training: Overload Principle.

Robertson Training Systems listed 5 Things Clients And Athletes Want From Their Coach, a good outline of an athlete-centered approach, and how to deliver it.

Juggernaut Training Systems shared Sport Performance Pillars | Organizing Training, discussing how to sequence training, understanding phase potentiation, how to modulate training intensities and training volume, exercise selection, and providing some example workouts. Check it out

Youth Strength Training Articles

Elite FTS shared The Programming Process Behind the Workout [Autism Awareness], how to approach children to engage in strength training, what should be the main training content, and how to carry out the session. Check it out

Nutrition Articles

Picture Fit asked Is Creatine Actually Safe? What creatine is, what it does, and looking at the research behind creatine safety.  Check it out

Renaissance Periodization shared The RP Diet 2.0 | Chapter 16 | Alcohol, Body Composition, Performance, the effects of  alcohol on your body composition and performance. What alcohol does to your cutting and bulking, how alcohol affects appetite, and the effect on recovery. Check it out

Speed Training Articles

Simplifaster shared Top Motor Skill Control Drills for Speed Athletes, describing the different routines and movement pattern categories, the appropriate exercise selection, and possible drills.

Squat Articles

The Bar Bend listed 3 Front Squat Tips From a Professional Powerlifter, from grip variations over appropriate footwear to safety considerations.

Olympic Lifting Articles

Catalystathletics discussed Jerk Dip & Drive Technical Styles – Strength vs. Elastic, the difference between the two, who relies more on strength qualities, and who can use the stretch-shortening cycle better for the elastic version. Check it out

Aleksey Torokhtiy shared The Clean Progression, I just love Aleksey’s way to visualize the technical progressions. All you need to know within just 3 minutes. Check it out

Deadlift Articles

The Bar Bend explained How to PROPERLY Rack Pull (Feat 6x IPF World Champion Kimberly Walford), bar set-up, grip, movement execution, weight distribution, the benefits of the rack pulls, and programming considerations. Check it out