Article recommendations week #14 2021

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #14 2021.

Strength Training Articles

Men’s Health outlined the benefits of Paused Reps in the article Work Smarter Using Pause Reps.

Fitness Volt shared The Best 5-Day Workout Split Routine, what the 5-day split is, the pros and cons, and different 5-day splits and how to use them.

Renaissance Periodization discussed You Must Deload Once a Month, why you need to deload in the first place, why deloading once a month is a good idea, and the most important considerations to determine the deload period. Check it out

T-Nation listed and discussed the 6 Poliquin Principles Revisited, the 6 principles, and if they still hold true.

FitnessFAQs explained The Perfect Push-Up for Bodyweight Strength, the technical key points of a Push-Up. Check it out

Breaking Muscle released

  • Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Cuffs For Boundary Pushers, presenting a smart BFR system (BFR cuff = mobile app).
  • How to Train an Older Adult, discussing the nine critical components of fitness, similarities and differences to consider when training the older adult, getting buy-in from clients, and tests to assess biological age and strength levels. Check it out

Barbell Shrugged demonstrated How to do Meadows Rows (Unilateral Landmine Rows), the biggest mistake people make in the rowing movement, the benefits of the landmine for rowing, and how to execute the exercise. Check it out

The BarBend asked Who’s Stronger: Weightlifters or Powerlifters? The difference between training for Powerlifting and training for Weightlifting, how to combine the two, how to develop athleticism, and much more. Listen in

Calisthenicmovement showed The Best Mobility Exercises For Each Joint, discussing flexibility, mobility and stability, and the best exercises to work on each body part. Check it out

The BoxRox discussed

Elite FTS asked What Even Is a Strength Coach Anyway? Discussing the role and scope of work of a strength coach. Check it out

With more than 1 year into the pandemic, the Greatist listed 13 Expert-Approved Exercise Masks That Will Hold Up Against Any Workout.

Stronger By Science discussed the Best Ways to Do Concurrent Training, what concurrent training is, and how to optimize concurrent training. Check it out

Westside Barbell released Louie Simmons’ Favorite Exercises, the favorite exercises, and what they do. Check it out

Stack reviewed the benefits and use of the landmine in the article The Landmine: An Athletes Best Friend.

Starting Strength discussed Bill Starr and the Starting Strength Method, the influence of Bill Starr, one of the strength coaches pioneers, on the Starting Strength method. Check it out

Pacey Performance released an interview with Aled Walters, an interesting chat about how Aled helped the Springboks as an S & C coach to win the Rugby World Cup. Check it out

Nutrition Articles

BoxRox listed 5 Excellent Exercises to Promote Fat Loss, the best exercises to promote fat loss.

T-Nation shared 5 Fat Loss Strategies That Aren’t Stupid, 5 proven strategies to lose body fat.

EatThis released Lindsey Vonn Shares Exact Diet That Got Her Into This Bikini, 5 things Lindsey Vonn does to stay in shape.

Power Training Articles

T-Nation shared a Tip: Get Ballistic, Build Power, using the sled to develop power.

Olympic Lifting Articles

The BarBend published Nike Releases New Weightlifting Shoes — Nike Savaleos, a new weightlifting shoe and its benefits.

Aleksey Torokhtiy demonstrated an exercise to improve the Split Jerk Balance. Check it out

Squat Articles

T-Nation listed 10 Ways to Squat: What’s Best For You? Different Squat variations and what they can do for you.

Fitness Volt shared the Front Squat Hypertrophy Guide – Build Bigger Legs, benefits of the Front Squat, technical execution, the most common mistakes and how to fix them, alternatives, and how to implement the Front Squat into your training program.

Squat University discussed the story of a powerlifter and how to Fix His Low Back Pain when Squatting. Check it out

The BarBend showed Vladimir Zhadenov Squats New All-Time World Record, a more than 4 * bodyweight Squat. Check it out

Deadlift Articles

Juggernaut Training Systems outlined the How, Why & When of the Pause Deadlifts. Check it out