Article recommendations week #14 2020

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #14 2020.

Strength Training Articles

The Athletic Build listed 5 Underrated Exercises That Build Muscle, outlining the different exercises and explaining why they have muscle building potential.

Fitness & Power discussed

The Bar Bend outlined

Stack showed

The Instagram Olympic has been busy resharing how athletes stay in shape during quarantine, Men’s Health has collected some of the most interesting ones in the article Olympic Athletes Are Still Training for Tokyo 2021 While in Quarantine.

Shredded Sports Science outlined The Dangerous World of Weight Cutting, why athletes weight cut, the strategies they use, and the potential dangers to excessive weight cutting. Check it out

T-Nation shared a Tip: Bench Dips Are Bad News, they aren’t necessarily bad, however, the way most people execute them is probably bad.

Stronger By Science discussed Heart Rate Variability, Antagonist Stretching, and Chrononutrition, meal timing, stretching do’s and don’ts when training for strength and power, and the use of HRV (heart rate variability to get a grip on recovery. Listen in

Fitness Volt outlined The 5 Best Unilateral Leg Exercises, a combination of hinging and squatting movements.

Renaissance Periodization discussed Athlete Testing and Monitoring, what testing and monitoring is, data collection and management, protocols and some examples from the field. Check it out

Nutrition Articles listed 6 Incredible Clean Carbs Sources That Build Muscle and Improve Performance, the difference between simple and complex carbs, and good complex carb sources.

The Institute of Performance Nutrition outlines the use of Beta Alanine and Exercise Performance: A Science to Practice Overview, what it is, what the science says, and the practical application. Check it out

Power Training Articles

The Bar Bend listed 3 Supersets to Help You Maintain Power Without a Gym, what Power is, how to train it, and exercise combinations to effectively train Power.

Olympic Lifting Articles

Breaking Muscle explained the importance of footwork in the Olympic lifts on the example of the Split Jerk in the article The Importance Of The Jerk Balance For Footwork.

The Bar Bend discussed the Olympic Postponement and Training with Weightlifter Fernando Reis, how the postponement affects an Olympic athlete, how to continue training during this time, and how to use this time as an opportunity to work on things that you normally do.. Check it out

Aleksey Torokhtiy demonstrated Workout at Home #7 demonstrating different bodyweight complexes.Check it out

Catalystathletics explained how to Fix Uneven Feet in the Snatch or Clean with mobility drills, strengthening exercises, and Olympic Lift derivatives. Check it out

Starting Strength released Power Clean Series Part 3 – Racking the Bar, the right grip with for the rack position and the arm and wrist position. Check it out

Squat Articles

Box Rox listed The Amazing Benefits of Front Squats for All Athletes, technical development, muscular activation and strength & power development.

Deadlift Articles released The Complete Guide to Deadlifts, a good and straight-forward resource and different Deadlift variations.