Article recommendations week #11 2023

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #11 2023.

Strength Training Articles

Stronger By Science asked Does Inter-Set Stretching Increase Hypertrophy? Looking at a recent study on this topic.

Broscience listed the Top 5 Back Exercises 85% of Lifters Don’t Do, the different exercises, and how to do them.

Lift Big Eat Big asked Are Bicep Curls Push Or Pull? The functions of the biceps and whether you should do them on a ‘push day’ or ‘pull day’.

T-Nation discussed the 7 Superior Triceps Exercises You Haven’t Even Tried. Also, check out the additional explainer video

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The Barbell Physio outlined Lower Back Rehab Exercises.

Elite FTS discussed how to use different breathing techniques in the article Move Faster with Your Abdominal Wall.

Nutrition Articles

The Athletic Build listed the 13 Best Fat Burners On The Market for 2023, and the pros and cons of each fat burner.

Broscience explained Why You Should Eat Blueberries Before Your Workout, the benefits of blueberries, and how they can help.

Squat Articles

The Bar Bend outlined How To Do The ATG (Ass-To-Grass) Split Squat For Unprecedented Leg Gains, how to do the ATG Split Squat, sets & reps, common mistakes, variations, and alternatives, and who should do them.

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