Article recommendations week #10 2022

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #10 2022.

Strength Training Articles

T-Nation described Tri-Sets For New Muscle Growth, what tri-sets are, how to use them, and how to modify them according to your training goals. discussed Time Under Tension for Muscle Growth, what time under tension means, why it matters and how to apply it for gainz. Check it out

Stack explained Why Strong Glutes are Critical for Rotational Athletes, the anatomy and function of the glutes, and the importance for rotational movements.

The Bar Bend outlined

FitnessFAQs discussed The Problem with Push-Ups, the most common mistakes, and what to do instead. Check it out

Bonvec Strength compared Straight Sets vs. Top Set/Backdowns, how to use them and which variation to choose when.

Renaissance Periodization asked When Should You Train The Muscles You Want To Grow Most? How to set priorities and how to execute the priorities. Check it out

Youth Strength Training Articles

Stack shared Youth Soccer Coaching 101, not only for soccer players.

Nutrition Articles

Stronger By Science asked Should You Stop Taking Creatine Before And/Or During A Water Cut? How does creatine influence a water cut and how to time your creatine supplementation. Check it out

Picture Fit explained Why You Should Save Your Money – Turkesterone, what Turkesterone is, and why you should save your money. Check it out

Garage Strength took a deep dive into How Much Protein Do You Need, and what influences protein synthesis. Check it out

Generation Iron discussed Pros & Cons Of Coffee and Alcohol, what coffee and alcohol do and why you should look for better alternatives. Check it out

Stack listed The Top 10 Supplements For Football Players, the best supplements and why you should consider them.

Biolayne asked Plant-Based or Carnivore Diet? A hypothetical discussion if you had to choose one of the two. Check it out

Renaissance Periodization busted a myth that Fruit Will Make You Fat, and why it’s not true. Check it out

Olympic Lifting Articles

Bach Performance explained How to Hang Clean Properly, the common Hang Clean mistakes, how to execute it correctly and how to use the Hang Clean to build strength, explosiveness, and mass.

Garage Strength listed the 3 Biggest Olympic Lifting Mistakes Everyone Makes, and how to fix them. Check it out

Catalyst Athletics outlined How To Fix Bouncing Elbows in the Jerk, the common mistakes and corrective exercises to fix these mistakes. Check it out

T-Nation discussed The Shock Effect: 3 Olympic Lifting Variations for Gains, how to use Weightlifting derivatives to maximize gains. Also check out the additional explainer video

Squat Articles

T-Nation listed The 6 Types of Squats Every Lifter Should Master, the different Squat variations and how to do the, Also check out the additional explainer video

Elite FTS shared footage of a Squat Workout and how to fix some of the mistakes during the workout. Check it out

Squat University demonstrated

  • How To Fix Tight Ankles, to improve your Squat depth. Check it out
  • How The Walkout Can Make Or Break Your Squat, and how to approach your walkout. Check it out

Deadlift Articles

Livestrong outlined How To Do A Deadlift, Arguably The Single Best Exercise Of All Time, how to do a Deadlift, and how to use different Deadlift variations.

Generation Iron explained How To Improve Your Deadlift With The Right Deadlift Socks, what Deadlift socks are and what they can do for your Deadlift.

Squat University discussed How To Understand Deadlift Back Rounding, what is acceptable and what not. Check it out