Article recommendations week #10 2020

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #10 2020.

Strength Training Articles explained How often should you strength train to build muscle and avoid injury, a good outline of training frequency, exercise selection, and training methods.

Stack outlined listed 6 Tips to Stay Fit as a Gamer, simple advice to become fitter and a better gamer. Check it out

T-Nation listed

Elite FTS outlined the benefits of barfoot movements in the article 4 Barefoot Movements You Should Be Doing.

The Strength Athlete demonstrated how to use Google Sheets for Trainers: custom formatting for RPE and %1RM. Check it out

Shape released The Complete Guide to Your Butt Muscles, outlining the anatomy of the glute muscles and how to train them.

The Bar Bend shared listed 5 Things to Never Quit, and 5 to Quit Now, simple things to live and train by.

Juggernaut Training Systems compared Shotput & Hammer Throw Training, how to train for the different disciplines, similarities and differences. Check it out

Youth Strength Training Articles

Inside Hook discussed When Should You Let Your Kids Start Lifting? 10 important considerations why kids should engage in strength training.

EO Performance asked Early Specialization – Why is youth sports still a mess?! Discussing the biggest problems youth sports is still facing.

Nutrition Articles

Shrugged Collective explained How to Get Jacked Now: Nutrition, Volume, and Exercises to Build Muscle and Strength, nutritional strategies to gain weight and become stronger. Check it out

Plyometric Training Articles

Stack explained Why All Athletes Need Plyometrics, what Plyometrics are, and a plyometric exercise progression.

Olympic Lifting Articles

Fitness Volt released Snatch Exercise Guide: Muscles Worked, How-To, Common Mistakes and Variations, what the Snatch and the Power Snatch are, the technical phases, different exercise variations, and common mistakes and how to fix them.

Catalystathletics discussed

  • Push the Bar Back in the Jerk, the correct end position of the Jerk and important mechanical considerations. Check it out
  • why you need to make contact with the thigh in the Snatch. Check it out

Aleksey Torokhtiy outlined The popular СrossFit exercise Thruster is an auxiliary exercise in Weightlifting and how to use the Thruster to Improve Weightlifting performance. Check it out

Juggernaut Training Systems compared Hip vs Thigh Contact in the Clean, which one is better and a biomechanical explanation of the ideal contact. Check it out

Squat Articles

T-Nation shared a Tip: 60 Seconds to a Better Squat, a simple approach to enhance balance for a better Back Squat.

Livestrong explained The Optimal Squat Depth for Glute Gains, Explained, the ideal squat depth and the benefits of deep squats.

Starting Strength discussed The High Tech Shirt Problem in the Squat and the influence of different materials o maintaining the bar position. Check it out

The Box Rox outlined

Deadlift Articles explained How to Do a Romanian Deadlift, According to Trainers, outlining the benefits of the RDL (Romanian Deadlift), the technical execution, common mistakes and exercise variations and alternatives.